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early on when fashionesedaily has just started, i instantly became addicted to it. i learn lots of new things from other women in the forum, especially the info on pregnancy and taking care of newborns, besides other women issues like make-ups (of course!), clothings, skin cares, etc. when hanzky, the founder of FD, made me the moderator of the forum, i couldn’t say no. little did i know that it became something that i still do dearly everyday, two years down the road. as part of the team, i’m definitely proud to the success that they have accomplished so far.

in FD forum, there’s a thread called “Today’s Outfit” that has been evolving from just a post of the cloths to wear or wore that day to a whole other medium to share one’s look! a thread that encourages the members to show it’s narcisstic self and the style that they carry. i went on it a few times myself .. well, cuz i love playing dres up! and i know tons of other women do.. so that’s why this thread is very popular among the members. the editors even have their own post every week to show their outfits.

so when i was trying to organize my files in this web recently, i stumbled upon all this pictures that i have taken and posted since two years ago in “today’s outfit”. i found it amazing how my body and style have changed (or not!) and in between there are plenty of pictures during my pregnancy too. so i put up a collage .. and wishing how i love to be back to my old figure! *sigh*

here i was after i moved to singapore. i don’t think i was pregnant yet in the first picture.

these were when i started showing off my baby bumps and still managed to dress up to work and later, with big belly. i gave birth on 1st of april and i think i stopped taking picture of myself soon after feb ’08. though i was still vibrant and do lotsa things, i just didn’t think i looked good on camera anymore.

two and half months after i gave birth, i was called in to work because my boss had resigned. so i had to cut off my maternity leave short. the first two pictures below show how i still carried baby fats after giving birth.. and the rest shows how my body changes.

honestly, i didn’t think that i could pull it off, losing weight after giving birth. but subconsciously, i did. i still think i have a few more kilograms to lose, but for now, i’m happy with my weight as long as i’m healthy, and my baby is too.

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