How Do You Measure Happiness?

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in our society, i find different people measure happiness in different ways. when asked, “how happy are you?” most would say “i’m happy!”. but how do you really measure your happiness?

i’m interested in asking this question recently because i notice that people measure it by their materialistic achievements. how much they earn, how much they can spend, the brands of their bags, shoes, etc. but is that really a measurement of one’s happiness? scientists have felt that the word “happiness” has been too vague and too surrounded by the mythos of cartoon or movie views of “happy people” dancing with pleasure or about being in love.

an acquaintance of mine once said that she’s happy because she has a husband who loves her dearly and would shower her with gifts and all the branded stuffs she asks. for her, that’s happiness. sounds shallow, but it’s her right to measure her happiness from all the branded materials. it’s her life.

on the other hand, another good friend of mine once said that happines for her is when she can roam freely in her time and eat chocolate every day. sounds too naive? but that’s happiness for her.

honestly, i believe that the measure of happiness is relative for everyone. one can measure her happiness by the materialistics items she can buy while another measures it through the success he has achieved. it’s definitely different.

as for me, i find my happiness when all my basic needs are fulfilled and i have my family with me, healthy. i don’t need to live in a mansion or wear a fancy handbag as long as i’m surrounded with family and i’m able to achieve my goals in life. although having to be able to live in a mansion and wear fancy handbag would be nice 🙂 but not a necessity. i also believe, that one’s happiness may change over time. when i was young, my goal of happiness is more of materialistic items. the more money i can save, the happier i was. the more money i make, the happier i was then. now, i guess it just comes naturally, but no longer a measurement of my happiness. i’m more concerned about having quality time with my daughter and family rather than buying the expensive stuffs, cuz i’d rather save the money for my daughter’s education. or family travel. or simply, for emergency.

health is also a measurement of my happiness. i’d rather be healthy than wealthy.

personal and professional success may lead to happiness but may also engender success. happy individuals are predisposed to seek out and undertake new goals in life and this reinforces positive emotions, say researchers who examined the connections between desirable characteristics, life successes and well-being of over 275,000 people.

get happy, get successful. it’s a good outlook.

personally, i think happiness should be a measurement of your satisfaction in life. in a scale of 1 to 10, i’m on 8. there are tons of achievements and goals in life i want to achieve. and an 8 is not a bad number.

so how do you measure your happiness? in a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you? tell me!

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