Toilet Training

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at 19 months old, my lil’ girl has learned to do her business in the toilet and not in her diaper.

during our recent trip back from jakarta, she refused to sleep eventhough i’ve breastfed her (which she usually falls asleep during every session). as soon as we walked inside the apartment, she took my hand and dragged me to the bathroom while saying.. “poop.. poop.. mama“. i asked her if she wanted me to sit her on the toilet and she nodded.

after i took off her pants, diapers, socks & shoes (yup! she hasn’t even taken off her shoes yet..) i put her on the toilet and off she goes doing her business. not to forget, she asked me to close the door and said “bye.. bye..“. such a cutie!

i’m sorry if i ended up taking your picture and post it in my blog. but really, mama is really proud of you, baby girl!

next step, toilet train her for pee-pee. i think she’s ready.

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