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in the beginning of this year, i made a resolution this year that i wanted to push a limit on my personal achievement in health. i’m someone who appreciates health and i was raised in family who is very health-conscious. eating healthy snacks & foods are something that is very important for my mom and somehow, i followed her footsteps. as for sports, my parents and brother always excel in it and somehow i’m the only one in the family who was always labeled as “non-sporty”. even though i actually joined softball team and was chosen to be part of the junior team for DKI Jakarta back then (which i finally discontinued cuz i was more concerned about my final tests.. what a geek, rite? huff… ).

i think i was always excel in sports whenever i decide to, but i never really put it as my priority. i never really won a medal or sports competition while my brother (who played badminton then later focus more as a tae-kwon-do athlete) and my parents (in golf) who brought home plenty of trophies (especially mom). while me? i’m not an individual player. my sport was always a team sport (softball) and even though my team won many times, i never got to take any trophies home. but i did take home medals for academic competition. i guess i WAS (and probably still..) a geek! 😛

over the years, i engaged in many sport activities, but never for the competition reason. i was in it because i want to be healthy. from kick boxing, yoga, pilates, water aerobics, swimming, i tried them all. on and off, i always find myself in the gym. as much as i want to be as skinny as a model (not!), i was more concerned that my body is toned and healthy.

so after i gave birth 20 months ago, i knew that in order for me to get rid of the flabby arms & tummy is by working out. even my doctor told me so. last time i visited him for a pap smear, he insisted that in order for me to get my tummy back, i have to work out. one of them is setting a personal challenge of participating in a endurance track early this year, cycle singapore. i managed to bike 21km in the event and i was so happy i can take that list off my new year’s resolution.

towards the end of the year, a friend asked if i want to also participate in the singapore marathon. this will be my first marathon but of course i only wanted to take part in the 10KM race, just to get a feel of it. i wasn’t sure at first, in fact i almost backed out at the last minute. i was excited during registration 3 months ago but due to my busy schedule in between work and apartment-renovation and moving, i didn’t manage to train intensively, heck, i didn’t manage to train AT ALL! a week before the race, i decided that i will not be going. but then i changed my mind, cuz i think it would be good for me to know my limit. who knows this will be the start of many races ahead? tho i didn’t manage to train this year, i will need to make sure that i do it next year.

so, there i was running my first 10K race at singapore marathon event… and I MADE IT TO THE FINISH LINE!

i found that it was a lot of fun to run on the track that i would never be able to do on foot on a regular day. the view was awesome and the weather was perfect! my running buddies also there to support each other. and i found that so many people joining the event were very inspiring, like the girl in the wheelchair or the mommies who ran with their kid in tow.. or the whole family who took part in the event! inspiring!

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  1. yardian says:

    Congrats Shinta. You too are inspiring me 🙂

  2. Alia Adistya says:

    Woohoooo! Congratulations!!! So proud of you!!!! Big applause!

  3. alice FD says:

    shinta, congrats!
    kok belum diupdate lagi blognya?
    bdway, i miss ur TO niy di forum.
    make one di blog kamu donk ;P

  4. Dhania says:

    Wowww..congrats ka Shinta!

  5. morishige says:

    I'm following your twitter and just found out that you have a blog.

    Congratz for the medal anyway.. 😀

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