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i proudly presents you, my current passion… :

it’s a site for indonesian moms, created by 4 friends who love to talk and share about their kids and parenting stuff.

the Urban Mama site is still in beta version, and will launch the full-fledge version later on the 22nd of December, which is the Indonesian Mother’s Day. in the mean time, please come and visit… and don’t forget to join the discussion in the forum!

see you there!

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  1. Alia Adistya says:

    Wow congrats! Great site shin!

  2. Shanti says:

    i'm not a mom yet but i did visit the site and enjoy it 🙂 it's great!

    gara2 ini sekarang udah ga jd moderator di FD ya? habis udah "neiman marcus snob" bukan "forum moderator" lg..

    btw, salam kenal yaa 🙂

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