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a little over a month ago, my family finally moved into our own apartment. it was excited cuz we finally have our own apartment and we can really decorate it. on a rented apartment, we always stopped ourselves from decorating too much of it since we know we’ll move to another place sooner or later. this time it’s different, we know we won’t be moving too soon.

the apartment was actually ours since may 2009, but the previous owner didn’t move out until august. we started looking for interior designer by september and finally engaged in a contract with the interior design firm by mid september. after agreeing with the work, materials, etc. the renovation work started by end of september. it took about 5 weeks until the renovation work is finished. we didn’t really have that many things to be renovated but we were very particular about the work. we changed the whole kitchen to our likings, repainted the whole house, changed the wardrobe in the master bedroom, and put up a cozy corner in the living room area.

it took about 4 days to move everything. first, we started to occupy the new apartment, while our stuffs & boxes were still left in the old one. second, moving with a toddler and only 3 adults are around, means that only two people can really work at the same time. so we made sure that naia settled down in the new apartment before we really started the move. that way, on the day the mover came to help us bring the boxes from the old apartment, we were able to unpack everything on the same day. surprisingly it was done only that one day. i guess we didn’t have that many stuffs 🙂

after everything was all settled in its place, we also started decorating the walls with the pictures. naia had the best room. full of toys! we also started her to sleep in her own bed and discipline her to only use her room to play. the guest bedroom is still empty since we haven’t had guests to visit yet. but definitely, we are thankful for this apartment. and greatly appreciate our interior designer, jing ting poh from rezt & relax interior design firm who helped us to transform our dream home to reality. not only she designed, but she gave us inputs, suggestions, even ways to save our money on something we don’t need. we have lived in our apartment for over a month now and we’re really happy with the results. home sweet home!

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  1. diah sari says:

    nice apartemen ^^, selamat apartemen barunya 😉

  2. vonne says:

    super cozy and very nice,, suka suka suka

  3. Melly says:

    senangnya punya rumah sendiri, dandanin sendiri.


    may the house brings lots of love, great memories…

  4. aliceFD says:

    congrats for your new cozy unit! It looks nice. Pake interior design and reno di singapore must be costly ya? compared to indo

  5. sLesTa says:

    diahsari: makasih yah!

    vonne: see you saturday.. biar bisa view langsung yah..

    melly: iya, we're so grateful. akhirnya bisa ngedekor rumah sendiri.. 🙂 thanks for the wish yah.

    alice: thanks! well, jangankan cost untuk design & reno, cost rumahnya pun jauuuhh lebih costly. tapi apa boleh buat, it's cheaper than renting tho.

  6. Ollie says:

    Congrats! Cozy living room ^^

  7. anna fardiana says:

    paling seneng ngeliat single sofa yang mepet jendela itu lho..nyamannya untuk baca buku ato sekada nyante.. selamat2.. 🙂

  8. sLesTa says:

    ollie: indeed. one of the cozy place in the apartment.. 🙂

    anna: iya itu emang sengaja dibikin sebagai cozy corner. buat reading area & ngopi2 kalo sore.. thanks ya!

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