Three Years … Later

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it seems that it was only like yesterday that i sat down in front of my dad, asking for her blessing to be married to the man i chose.   fast forward 3 years later, through ups and downs, i can’t ask for a better person next to me.

the father of my child, my friend, my lover, my (weird) companion .. my life!

happy 3rd anniversary, my dear! may our life be filled with all the happiness, as long as we have each other.  i know i’m not a perfect person, far from even being a perfect wife or a perfect mom, but keep believin’ me as i try to be a better person to our little family, every day!

luv always..

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  1. a121 says:

    luv u too !!

  2. alice says:

    Congrats for ur 3rd anniversary! Wish you and your family be filled with happiness and joy, health and properity! 🙂 (and lots of kiddos 🙂 )

  3. Selamat yaaaaaa…. Semoga selalu happy! Amin.

  4. sLesTa says:

    alice: thank you ya! wow, lotsa kiddos? hmm.. ntar dulu deh! hihih..

    simboknya Aria: makasih yah diaannn… *cups* aria apa kabar? getting really really big!!

  5. ninit says:

    hi shinta & ario… happy anniversary ya 🙂 selalu bahagia & sehat. amin amin.

  6. slesta says:

    thanks ninit! 🙂 amin.. amin..

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