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since we moved in to our own apartment, we had prepared a bedroom for naia thinking that we should start training her to sleep on her own room. it works for a while, but the fact that we were still using her old crib was kinda hard for us to accompany her or read to her at night before she fell asleep. so then, she ended up sleeping with us in our bedroom again.

this is how her old crib in her bedroom looks like:

Naia's Old Bed

there were a few times we tried to let her sleep in the guest bedroom, then the grandparents come, so she moved back in with us again. this happens over and over until we decided, maybe it’s time to change her bed to a bigger one and this time we insist that she has to sleep there by herself.

last week, after a few weeks shopping around looking for the right bed, we finally had one installed. we took out the old crib, dissembled and stored it.

the new bed has an extra rollover bed that can be put up next to it. we thought it’d be great if we want to expand it for more people (just in case of new guests or sleepover sessions) or we can just roll it out a bit, so that in case naia fell from the bed at night, it creates a safety feature and cushion for her.

we even put up a new wall sticker on the corner, a picture of a bird cage and butterflies, which naia had placed herself (well, only the butterfly that is). it was just to get her excited to sleep in her own bedroom.

first night, she woke up 4 times, cried so hard that i had to run to her bedroom to ease her and put her back to sleep. she usually doesn’t wake up at all during the night. so i thought she must be scared when she tossed and turned and found noone was beside her. second night, i asked my maid to sleep in the roll-out bed. naia still woke up 3-4 times, in which she cried for me, eventhough my maid tried to soothe her. so i still had to run to her and put her back to sleep myself. this kept happen until the 4th night, which was last night.

i put her to bed as usual, read her bedtime story, had a chitchat with her then i moved back to my bed as soon as she fell asleep. i told my maid not to stay with her for the night. i was thinking, if naia woke up again in the middle of the night, i’ll just stay with her til morning. i ended up waking up 3-4 times last night, just to check on her because i didn’t hear her cry at all. turns out, she slept thru the night. i saw her toss and turn but she didn’t wake up and looking for me, she just fell back to sleep. by 6AM, she woke up, slide down from her bed and went to my bedroom and woke me up. she asked for her milk then she got up to my bed and slept next to hubby and i. since it’s already morning and both of us are getting up for work, i let her dozed off a little more on our bed. nonetheless, i was so proud that she seems to get used to her own bedroom. a milestone for her, yay! if she really gets the hang of it, then next in line would be to take her off her diaper at night.

oh another milestone i found today, naia was able to sing ABC in full song! she was singing it while waiting for me to put on my make-up to work this morning. i let her sing on her own and she knows all the alphabets. another yay for naia!

i’m a proud mama 🙂

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  1. a121 says:

    bagus naia !!!

  2. otty says:

    Hebat ih Naia 🙂 Wajahnya sumringah banget pas nempel sticker ya…

  3. sLesTa says:

    otty: hihi iya ternyata gak sesusah yang kita kira. kadang masih suka bangun malem2 sekali gitu, tapi udah ga nangis. cuma langsung ke kamar gue manggil gue buat nemenin dia balik, trus bobok lagi. seringnya sih dia bobok sampe pagi.

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