Trick or Treaaattt!!

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this year’s maybe the 3rd time naia had a halloween, but this was the first time naia finally go for a “trick or treat” from house to house. like the past 2 years, we’ve been a guest’s to a halloween party at thalia‘s neighborhood in chip bee gardens, holland village. granted, halloween is actually an american tradition, so singaporean don’t really celebrate it. two years ago, thalia invited us to come for halloween, so we thought we’d join. naia was still around 6mos then, so definitely, we were just there for the feel of it. i didn’t even put naia in costume. last year, i was thinking to take naia for a walk, she was already over 1 year old by then, but due to heavy rain.. i decided not to. besides, again .. i didn’t put her in a costume.

this year, i made it a point that i need to get on with it and start preparing naia for halloween. of course, i didn’t really think of a costume. we bought this cheongsam for naia during chinese new year time early this year, with original thought as her halloween costume. so i hadn’t really change the costume idea even after several months (see, how uncreative i am!). closer to halloween though, naia requested that she wants to be a rabbit or a pig! oh my.. though we do have the rabbit’s ears, i don’t have the clothes for her to wear. so i decided just to put her into the cheongsam costume and draw a rabbit’s face on her. so she becomes.. a kungfu rabbit! hahah..

since thalia’s halloween’s theme this year is spider’s lair and we had a potluck dinner. so i decided to make a carrot cupcake with a spider decoration on top. all homemade! for someone who’s uncreative as i am and had to draw a spider in each cupcake, this was quite an achievement! i’m glad it turned up okay .. i made a beef mushroom & spinach lasagna along with it too.

me as a witch/rogue, aina as a minnie mouse & naia as kungfu rabbit
Aina & Naia

there were 4 families joining the halloween party at chip bee garden this year. naia had her walk around the neighborhood, although she was only able to go half way since she was already tired and only wanted to be carried. well either that or she’s scared of the monsters. nonetheless, she was having fun collecting the candies!

here is the picture of the troop before we go on a “trick or treating” trip, taken in front of thalia’s house, with candy-carrying spiders and giant spiders’ decoration hanging. isn’t it cool?

Halloween 2010 Troop

trick or treeaatttt!! happy halloween!!!

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  1. otty says:

    Kereeeeennn… Naia lucu dan elo keren banget 🙂

  2. ario121 says:

    i could not join it … again .. :((

  3. sLesTa says:

    otty: haha.. yang gue mah itu last minute banget! malemnya ke supermarket belanja bahan2 buat bikin lasagna, nemu wig witch. eh tapi kata ibu2.. mendingan ngaku jadi rogue aja hahah..

    ario: makanya next year jangan travel pas halloween yah. nemenin naia trick or treating..

  4. Liz says:

    Serunyaaaa! You guys all look awesome
    Kemarin ngga kepikiran utk bikin2 acara, nyesel padahal hari libur.
    Whoa mama Sles pake hair extension 🙂

  5. thalia says:

    wah, udah naik postingnya! (udah lama pulak)… gue blum sempet nih… telat banget ya? moga2 hari ini atau besok.

  6. sLesTa says:

    Liz: kalo gak karena di ajak thalia pun, gue gak bakal ikutan acara halloween hehe.. soalnya di daerah apt gue juga ga ada yang ngerayain. jadinya sekarang ngungsi kalo halloween jadi guest di tempat thalia. eh itu bukan extension, itu wig, Liz!

    thalia: hihi iya nih lagi rajin aja thal. kalo lagi ga rajin, blognya dicuekin abiisss!! ditunggu report dari elo yaa.. foto2nya pasti lebih bagus krn pake SLR, gue mah pan pake kamera iphone doang, lupa bawa kamera kemaren.

  7. nyanya says:

    Naia seperti biasa selalu tampil cantik & lucu. Cupcakesnya juga lucu iiihhh..pas banget ya ama dekorasinya..

  8. sLesTa says:

    nyanya: makasih mama melon! 🙂 iya itu cupcakesnya sengaja kok dibikin untuk mengikuti tema dekorasi hehe..

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