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i first heard about ONROP! musikal from joko anwar’s twitter. i didn’t know what it was or what it’s about. i just thought it must be one of his projects and soon we’ll see it in the theater. little did i know it was a play, a musical play.

not after the audition period is over then i finally understand what ONROP! Musikal is all about. especially when it was talked by a bunch of people i follow in twitter, including saras and ade fitri, both happens to be my friends during my new york period. both are also back in indonesia and currently working in entertainment world. so i went and looked at the website, reading the names of those who made the auditions, who was behind the production and all..and wow! i found many names that somehow quite familiar, like ferouz afero or tania soeprapto (she is the costume designer). both are people i went to school with, though tania was my junior.

after the show dates are announced, i wasn’t even sure i would be able to see the show, since that would mean i have to go back to jakarta. so i scrapped the idea of watching the show, tho i wonder how the play would be. it must be very entertaining. i haven’t seen any play for a long while. i used to watch them when i was in new york, but since i moved back to indonesia then singapore, it’s a rare thing to happen. there was chicago in singapore last year, but i couldn’t manage to see it since i was not in town at the time. matah ati was definitely one of the first play i saw live in asia, but i bet ONROP! Musikal would be a bit different since it’s done in indonesian with modern story (matah ati was done in javanese language).

just so happen that idul adha holiday is on the same week of ONROP! show. and it was just nice since i would be going home for qurban, plus there’s a wedding i need to attend to. so right away i looked for tickets.

i saw it on friday night, 19 november. specifically chose that day because saras is playing as sari on that show. there are 2 sets of principal actors who plays the characters bram, sari & amir. since i want to see the show as much as i want to give support to my friend, saras, i choose the show with her in it, of course.

my first impression was about the new theater. it was a nice building lit up nicely inside Taman Ismail Marzuki complex. then as i went inside the theater.. wow! it’s nice. i’m so glad that we have such a nice building for theaters and shows, and i hope they will make it a good use and maintain it well. apparently my seat was very close to the stage (third row) and right next to those who plays the musical instruments. not bad! (thanks to adis who chose & bought the tickets for me).

i was so glad that i spent time to watch the show. it was funny, the dialogues were smart, the songs were nice (though not all are catchy enough to sing along), the dance seems to be easy moves but it was done superbly with good precision among all the dancers. and most of all, the characters and the voice of the actros, OH MY GOD, they are wonderful!! saras was soo amazing! brought back memories when she was performing as Inul in gebyar show back in 2004 in new york. it’s like watching the star rising and she has made it! so proud of her. ferouz was amazingly funny as the moral police.. and ade fitri gives a new meaning to a biker! haha.. hillarious. but i really give in to the character “amir”, played by yudi firmansyah. amir is funny & hillarious .. just like many characters in onrop!, with lines and acting that was really really makes you smile (even makes you think!) throughout the show.

the play is a satire on how indonesia would be in 2020 if the government passed the pornography law (or called onropgraphy during the show. onrop being the word “porno” if read backwards). it’s shown that people are not allowed to talk about anything remotely close to porn, with ridiculous guideline on what considers to be porn, like the word “naked” or the ladies must wear skirt down to her ankle. it’s mocking how women are always the ones to blame, therefore they must be the one to restrain. even words used for genitals are not allowed, hence they must replace it to the word “ho oh”. the intermezzo when school kids discussing about their biology class and how to know a male & female genitals if all must be pronounced “ho oh” was incredibly funny!!

Onrop! Musikal

as i said, the show is packed with clever lines. from the most updated one like replicating obama’s speech in university of indonesia, to the case on disguised gayus watching the tennis game. it was hillarious but well-put and done with class! i’m proud watching the show. it shows to people that musical is entertaining. no need to be a pro dancer to be in it, because at the end of the day, like everything else, the story must be done cleverly and with content. unlike those shitnetrons that keeps serving the audience with same old stories. but most importantly, it’s all about team work. i can tell that everyone involved with the musical are passionate about it and how they are working together out of love and passion. their true spirit and their love to make this play a success shows from their performance and their chemistry throughout the entire show.

i love it! oh another thing, those dresses worn by sari.. my goodness, those are beautiful!! hats off to the costume designers. and deep bow to joko anwar, afi shamsara and the whole crew of ONROP! Musikal and six stories production for a show well done!

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