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this post is written by my hubby, previously published on his facebook notes, the post of our trip to taman safari indonesia was published at the urban mama

Our second edition of Safari Park Trip during Lebaran 2010 was to visit Bali Safari and Marine Park ( , located in Gianyar region of Bali. Prior to our visit, someone told us that the Safari Park was not as good as Taman Safari Indonesia in Cisarua, Bogor, and it would be a waste to spend time and money to visit BSMP. Despite of ‘not so positive review’, we decided to proceed to our initial plan and visit the BSMP.

However there are several notes that we want to share related to the visit to BSMP. We need to confirm the transport. Location of BSMP is far from other popular spots in Bali. So the best option is to rent a car for a day, although the Safari Park also provides shuttle bus from certain areas with prior reservation. It also provides hotel pick ups from Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua, etc. at USD15 per person (refer to the information at its official website). You can also go there by taxi, but I think it would be difficult to catch a return cab to your hotel.

After we reached the Safari Park, we went to the ticket counter to purchase our tickets. Ticket price for local tourist (i.e. Indonesia ID Card holders) is IDR110K (around SGD16) for guest above 3 years old. Since Naia is only 2.5 y/o, she could enter the park for free. During our visit, there was discount for 15% of ticket price (and food price at the restaurant) for ANZ credit card holder. I supposed this promotion was available for ANZ credit card issued in Indonesia only, but when I produced my overseas ANZ credit card, I still could enjoy the discount. Lucky !! To note, ticket for foreign tourist is from USD35, and I was not sure whether the ANZ credit card discount would be applicable or not.

After passing the entrance gate, we found a souvenir shop. While I was still collecting the ticket receipt, Opa has taken Naia into the souvenir shop, and we ended up with several shopping bags filled with a cap for Naia and golf sticks covers for Oma. At the end of the entrance area, we took a bus ride to the main gate of Safari Park (called ‘Terminal Bali’). The clean and wide main gate area gave us a positive first impression.

We started our Safari Park journey with a visit to the ‘Marine Park’, which located near the main lobby. Do not expect too much from the ‘Marine Park’, as it only shows several aquariums of fish and small sea creatures. The interesting attractions here are red piranha and fish-spa tank. Then we returned to the main lobby to continue our Safari Park journey.

Safari Park journey at BSMP is different to Safari Park journey at Taman Safari Indonesia-Cisarua. In BSMP, we can only tour the park using the designated bus service. It is quite similar to the Singapore Night Safari journey. On the way to the bus station, we passed several attractions and gift shops (again). Just in front of the gift shops, we found a ‘bale banjar’ where some BSMP staffs practiced dance. Too bad, Naia did not want to join the practice inspite of the invitation. Before we reached the bus stop, we passed dragon bridge, giant elephant statue and baby orang utan corner. We took pictures with baby orang utan after we made IDR50K (SGD8) contribution. We continued walking until we reached the bus station (‘Toraja Terminal’).

There are three (3) regions in the safari park, the Indonesia Region, India Region and Africa Region. Number of animals in BSMP is less than TSI, but we still could met bears, elephants, hippos, leopards, lions, orang utans, rhinos, tapirs, tigers, zebras, etc .in the safari park.

Interestingly, we noticed that the rhino quarter is very near to ‘Mara River Safari Logde’ (the hotel within BSMP area). Too bad that we could not make reservation to stay at the hotel, otherwise we could have had rhinos greet us at our windows in the morning. Another interesting fact was the lion quarter was just outside Tsavo Lion Restaurant. Later when we had our lunch there, we could see lions ‘watching us’ dining. Safari Park journey took about one hour, and the journey stopped at our starting point again (‘Toraja Terminal’).

look, papa.. lion! komodo dragon

After Safari Park journey, continue exploring recreational areas. We went to visit komodo quarter and white tiger quarter. We also passed camel ride station, but we did not take the ride. On our way to the exit, we stopped by the cockatoo quarter and took some pics with the cockatoo.

It was a very exciting journey for Naia and the rest of us. Naia was so happy because she could see almost of the animals that she just learnt. The only animal that she could not find in the Safari Park was dolphin, and Oma has promised to take her to Ancol to see dolphin. Well, I will make another notes about that later.

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