First Movie Date: Rapunzel

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after for almost 2 weeks asking to watch the movie rapunzel: a tangled tale everytime naia sees the poster in the mall (where she was basically interested because there’s a picture of a horse in it), we finally took her to see it in the theater yesterday. it’s not naia’s first movie in theater, but it was her first movie date! mbak shinta & her son, aidan, went along with us to see the movie.

since it was my maid’s day off, we had a lazy sunday morning at home. i booked the movie tickets the night before, for a 3.20pm show at the cathay cineplex. knowing that it’s around naia’s nap time, i figured we should feed her lunch a bit early, then we let her doze off on the way to the theater, where we would have our lunch first. so after eating 2 slices of pizza and 2 pieces of chicken wings for lunch, we then took off, about 1.5 hours before the movie starts. as expected, naia started to doze of in her car seat on our way to the cathay. unfortunately, as hubby tried to move her from the car seat to the stroller, naia opened her eyes.. and didn’t want to go back to sleep again. she was basically asleep for only about 15-20 minutes. so i figured, she’d probably fall asleep inside the theater later.

so after we had our lunch at aston’s (where naia finished my fries, so we ordered her another basket of fries for herself), we went inside the theater. right on the dot. we met mbak shinta & aidan right before we go in. we bought a small bag of sweet popcorn, cuz i’m sure naia would want to have a snack again while watching the movie.

and i was right! naia was busy chewing and watching the movie the whole time. she was so enthralled with the movie that she stayed up during the entire show. at one point i looked up to her and she was putting a serious face watching the movie while snacking on the popcorn!

the movie itself was quite entertaining. i think naia was so fond of the horse & chameleon characters, as well as the princess with the long & glowing hair (she was talking about it on our way home). i’m not too sure if she understands the whole story, but i think at her age, she’s just really taken in to see cartoon characters in a movie rather than to understand what’s going on. tho, i think the storyline may not really suitable for young kids as it has some mild violence and kissing scene.

we parted with aidan & mbak shinta walking towards plaza singapura, where aidan & naia were holding hands the whole time (tho naia insisted that she hold my hand too hehe). it was so cute! after walking around at plaza singapore for a quick christmas shopping for my office’s secret santa, we went to secret recipe for coffee (for me & hubby) and dinner for naia. apparently there was a yogi bear movie roadshow on the stage at the ground floor and it was the view from our seat at the restaurant. right after naia finished her dinner, the show ends and the kids lined up for pictures with the characters. naia then pointed and requested to go and shake hands with them too. oh no! so i ran down carrying her, got the ticket for taking pictures, then naia & papa went to the stage to take the pictures with yogi & boo-boo.

we went home afterwards. naia had so much fun and definitely tired from a long day, she fell asleep on our way home and it wasn’t even 9pm yet! 🙂

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