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gak kerasa taun 2010 sudah mau abis aja. as usual, new year for me means new beginning, new age, literally. soalnya ya sehari abis tahun baruan, gue nambah umur. jadi ya kalo dulu2 sih happy-happy aja gitu tahun baruan sekalian ngerayain ultah, jadi bisa sekalian alesan libur lebih lama.. sekarang jadi time to contemplate. apalagi sejak umur sudah berkepala 3.

walopun gue contemplate, gue jaraaang banget bikin new year’s resolution. well, i tried to put them in writing, sometimes in this blog. tapi kenyataannya, i just put whatever that i thought would be doable. dan from time to time biasanya gue naro yang general2 aja. but this time gue pengen bikin. ada beberapa hal yang gue pengen reach di tahun 2011, for my personal goal. for that, i’d like to look back what i’ve done in 2010 and what was the highlights for every month i have. okay, let’s see..


first time i travel by plane alone with naia. hubby was on series of business trips this month and he would be away on his birthday. so i thought, i’d surprise him by going back to jakarta (good thing the business trip’s schedule is that he will be in bandung on his birthday), so i can meet my family in jakarta then we took a drive to bandung. we got a room in the same hotel he was staying and stayed right next to his room. he was surprised allright and i was so happy that in order to do this, i also had a milestone by taking naia on a plane ride all by myself. as usual, naia is always a good traveling buddy, she was pleasant the entire time.

this month, naia went to school the first time. on february 1, 2010, we took naia to attend a playgroup class in cherie hearts near our apartment. knowing that naia has quite a bad case of stranger anxiety, it took sometime till she can be let go, though we only had the first 3 days to accompany her inside the class. after that, it was all about cries and screams everytime we dropped her to school. but it gets better, definitely!

MARCH 2010

one of the highlights of this year! before we got married, hubby and i discussed that we should be able to travel to a new place every year. that’s why since naia was born, we already took her around. we use this as our birthday gift for her. a quality time with family by going on a trip to a new place. last year, we went on a road trip around the southwest part of australia and perth. this year, we went to japan! well, it’s not hubby’s first trip obviously, since he was living there for about 7 years before. in fact the trip was actually a business trip for him that we happened to tag along. and because it was business trip, we could only visit tokyo. nonetheless it was my first time, and it was during spring time, so the weather was still a bit cold. it was fun! naia had so much fun going to disneyland and having the cool weather all day long. i definitely want to visit there again, someday!

Tokyo 2010

APRIL 2010
naia celebrates her 2nd birthday. my parents came a few days before so that they can celebrate the birthday with us. there were 2 birthday celebrations, one at naia’s school and one at home with our friends. the one at home was supposed to be a barbeque party, unfortunately, the weather was not on our side. it was raining even before the fire was lit and anything was cooked. so we ended up moving the party in our apartment and cooked the food in the oven. nonetheless it was fun!

end of april, we also went back to jakarta again, this time for my brother’s wedding. i get to spend a day to meet up with some members of the urban mama. it was fun!

MAY 2010
the urban mama first appeared in printing media. one of the milestone for us. we’re really happy that the web gets the recognition. on the other hand, on my personal level, i lost some more “friends”. well maybe not exactly friends, just acquaintances that i lost over stupid misunderstanding, but i’m glad i lost the negativity they bring to my life.

JUNE 2010
another milestone for the urban mama as it was also featured in femina magazine. well, thalia was the spotlight on the article as part of the urban mama’s supermom. on the other hand, sadly, ninit is left us to move back to jakarta to follow her husband’s relocation. we had a great farewell party as well as kopdar the urban mama singapore at jacob ballas garden.

also my parents and aunt came to visit us to singapore. we then went to malaysia to visit my brother and his wife and spent time going to melacca too. my first time going to that city. naia was basically just so happy to be able to hangout with her grandparents and my young cousin, her favorite uncle.

on personal level, hubby and i celebrated our 3rd year anniversary. looking forward to more years to come.

JULY 2010 & AUGUST 2010
honestly, i can’t remember any highlights during these two months! must be routine as usual

another milestone for the urban mama, the section of celoteh bocah was appeared in TOJ. we also went back to jakarta .. again! this time for lebaran though. since we’ve been spending our vacation days by going back to jakarta it seems this year, we decided to take some times off during our “mudik” trip by going to bali for a visit. my parents came with us and most of the itinerary revolves around going to places that naia would love like bali safari marine park. we did have fun, naia definitely had a blast!

on personal note: i started training with personal trainer early this month. originally, i wanted to do this to get me prepped for the marathon. but since i was late to register (it was full within 2 weeks), i decided i should start the training for next year. i’d love to try doing the half marathon.

naia’s milestone: we set up her bedroom and started her to sleep on her own. oh by the way, naia is already fully toilet trained by day. we wanted to start toilet train her at night, and the only way to do that is to let her sleep by herself. so we fixed her room and got rid of the baby crib. we bought a double single bed and decorate the room with some stickers. by the end of the month it was a success. bed time means us reading her story and she fell asleep all by herself in her room. she’d wake up in the middle of the night sometimes and i’d put her back to sleep in her room. most times, she slept through until morning time, when she’d move to our bed and i started getting ready for work.

highlights of october was halloween party at thalia’s and watching the matah ati show with mbak shinta. it was great fun!

actually hubby has been having another series of business trips, one of them is japan again. but of course we couldn’t go with him since the trip was too short. so instead, we went to visit jakarta after he came back from japan. i swear this would be our last this year and won’t be having another one anytime soon. the trip back was to celebrate idul adha at home. as usual, mom would have the sacrificing of the cow in her house. this time i thought that naia is old enough to experience and witness it herself. turns out, she did. she was there watching the cow to be sacrificed the whole time. of course, we told her what it was about and how the cow is not hurt during the process. hubby wrote more on this experience HERE.

on this one week trip, i managed to go to see onrop! musikal where a few of my friends were actually took part in the musical. very proud of them!

speaking of musical, naia also had her very first performance at school. both hubby and i along with my dad who was here, went to see her. it was cute and awesome! since then she couldn’t stop dancing.

first movie date for naia, i’m getting stressed out at work, hubby away on business trips and the urban mama is celebrating its first anniversary!

2010 felt like a very tough year though! berasanya tahun 2010 ini penuh dengan kerja keras. i never felt like i do more work than 2010, personally and professionally. TUM juga jadi bagian yang membuat gue jadi tambah sibuk, tapi tentunya sibuk yang amat sangat menyenangkan, bikin seimbang sibuk stress di kantor deh. naia juga mulai semakin besar dan benar2 enjoy untuk pergi sekolah. in fact, she has started her PG-2 class in december too.

my resolutions for 2011 are not that much, but there are a few:

personally: i want to keep my training and discipline to do workouts and eat healthy. i’m trying to bring up the courage to take part in half marathon this year. hopefully, i will.

professionally: i want my promotion, period! mungkin pengen juga pindah kerja, within or outside of my current company. sebenernya tawaran dari department lain di kantor yang sekarang udah ada, tapi masih menunggu hasil. dan gue juga pengen mengukuhkan ini adalah move yang terbaik.

family: sebenernya ini rencana tertunda, karena niat gue adalah melepas IUD di Q4 tahun 2010. tapi karena stress yang begitu tinggi dan gue gak yakin sama keputusan untuk nambah anak lagi, jadi gak dilepas2. mudah2an tahun 2011 udah lebih yakin.. hihi.. dan sebenernya rada clash nih sama resolution yang untuk personal. karena kalo sampe hamil berarti gue ga bakal bisa ngejalanin marathon. tapi kalo jadinya bisa, berarti gue ga jadi hamil hihi..

another resolution for family adalah quality time with naia. sometime in the last part of 2010, i started a baking session with naia on a weekend. i want to continue doing this and make it as part of our quality time together. mudah2an bisa makin canggih resep yang di kerjain, dan siapa tau naia malah jadi bener2an bantuin masak, gak cuma making a mess! hehe..

travel: ke jakarta kalo bisa gak usah sering2. 2x this year is enough, yang pasti satu-nya untuk lebaran. so far we have booked our trip next year to visit new zealand during winter. can’t wait to take naia on a bunny slope. selain new zealand, pengennya sih mampir ke satu tempat lain lagi yang belom pernah, tapi belom tau apa. mungkin either ke halong bay di vietnam atau phuket di thailand. or even perhaps.. err.. india? we’ll see! mesti hunting cheap tickets first heheh.. *pelit* pengen juga sih ke tempat di indonesia yang belom pernah, tapi susahnya kalo ke indonesia gak mungkin gak mampir ke jakarta. bisa dimarahin ama orang tua & keluarga kayaknya.. so again, we’ll see 🙂

happy new year! have a safe celebration and let’s look forward to a more wonderful times in 2011.

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  1. nyanya says:

    Aiiih asiknya New Zealand. Itu India juga pasti seru yaaa. OMG pengen banget jadinya ke India..*jadi merinding* 😀

  2. sLesTa says:

    nyanya: iyaa sebenernya pengen banget ke india. krn ada temen disana dan gue harusnya dateng ke weddingnya di taun 2007. tapi di cancel krn pas waktu itu gue lagi hamil gede, baru pindahan, ga bisa cuti lama. jadi daripada malah capek (indian wedding gitu loohh!) akhirnya decide gak jadi pergi. makanya itu janji mau visit temen gue masih ditagih terus.. hehe..

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