I Don’t Do Crafts But I Do Bake

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i’m not someone crafty. i don’t do arts and crafts, i simply just suck at it! i believe that kids formed their abilities and interests because they are given the exposure since they were young. for example, i was never really exposed to arts and crafts when i was young. that’s why i suck at it. i don’t know how and i just don’t find the interest to try them, even until now. while on the other hand, i actually do enjoy arts. but it didn’t come early, it took me quite a while until i can appreciate it. i learn this when i was living in new york city. being surrounded by wonderful arts and many friends who are into arts (i was living with 3 girls who are graphic designers, how much art-influence can i get?), it was only natural that i was drawn into it. so i start appreciating it, learning about it, understanding the history and was awed by it. i wished i knew about it sooner. i wished i knew how fun it is to be able to do something creative.

you see, my parents never exposed me to this side of the wonderful world. prolly because they are not artsy people themselves. until now, i think it’s hard for me to think that they can appreciate what art means. they love things pretty, organized and in order, that’s as much art they have in their lives. probably the closest thing of being creative comes from my mom who are into interior designing (without her even knowing what it is) and cooking. as long as i can remember, she doesn’t sew. she knows enough but she’d rather pay someone to shorten my dad’s pants rather than do it herself. she’d arrange flowers, but it’s merely a one-time thing or when she needed to get it done, never really a hobby of hers. so it was only a natural thing that i grew up with little understanding on how to be artsy, nor understand the depth of it.

on the other hand, my mom is a good cook! she knows how to whip up something nice and creates her own recipe and always on the look out to create something. when i was young, i always try to peek in to her kitchen and probably even try to get an action by helping her doing something. unfortunately, she always threw me out of the kitchen, because she doesn’t like a dirty kitchen, especially when she cooks. so naturally, i was never stepped foot in her kitchen ever. until, i was away living by myself in a foreign land and missing my home food badly. so then i looked for recipes on the internet, try to understand the many different ways of cooking. i didn’t even want to ask mom because i’m afraid she’d think that i didn’t need it. in fact, when i do ask about how the food is cooked, she’d sent me the cooked ones instead. but i didn’t give up. as much as i miss the food badly, i started to enjoy my way in the kitchen.

then she started to share me her recipes (after i keep asking about how to cook this, how to cook that, etc). shared tips on cooking instructions, etc. and i was grateful for that. especially when my brother came to live with me in my last years in the US, i had someone who can taste my cooking and gave me insights .. after all, he tasted only my mom’s cooking so far, so if he thinks my cooking are good, it means at least i’m on the right path.

however, i don’t want naia to grow up to never step foot in my kitchen. in fact, i want her to be in my kitchen and see me cook, perhaps even help. i don’t do arts & crafts, but i cook. so my only way to teach her about crafts from me is through cooking, that’s the closest thing to doing crafts that i can do with her. that’s why, since naia was big enough to handle utensils and understand instructions (around 2yo), i started having baking session every weekend with naia. if not every weekend, at least once a month, i’d make something and involve her in it. from making animal-shaped kaastengels, muffins, cupcakes, cookies, pizzas, or just plainly making sandwich with chocolate rice. yes, when she does it, it creates much more mess. but with that i also teach her how to clean up.

Baking Sessions with Naia

there are plenty baking & cooking sessions i would have with naia. it always excites me to look for things to bake with her and spends those quality times with her. and hopefully, even if she doesn’t turn out to be someone in the creative area, she learns how to appreciate the process of arts, even perhaps cooking. she learns that academics is not the most important thing, it’s the process that counts. i hope it also brings her to be a well-rounded person. yep, there are a lot of hopes attached to it. for now, i just hope that she won’t make too much mess when we have another baking session this weekend.

and i hope that she will remember and cherish the moments till she grows up.

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  1. Car says:

    Sles, si Naia ini mirip banget sama mamanya ya, imut banget 🙂 Tumben anak perempuan mirip ibunya, hehehe, soalnya kt orang biasanya anak perempuan mirip bapaknya dan anak laki2 mirip ibunya.

  2. sLesTa says:

    Car: makasih tante carmelita! 🙂

    waktu lahir sih ga terlalu mirip sama gue, makin gede makin mirip ama gue dia.. tapi kadang ada masanya dia juga mirip papanya, walopun mama sama papanya gak mirip heheh..

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