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singapore, 22 december 2010

this is my third mother’s day (indonesian version) since i became a mom, the first time hubby bought me flowers to celebrate it. since a year ago, december 22 becomes not only a celebration of indonesian women everywhere, but it’s also a celebration of the birth of my “second baby”, the urban mama. happy 1st anniversary, TUM! it was really a fun first year adventure and i look forward for another exciting ride for years to come. thanks for the friendship, ninit & thalia. selamat hari mama!

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  1. D' says:

    Love your blog mbak Shinta. I also follow your twitter because I love your inspiring thoughts.. ;))

    Meskipun aku masih single tp aku suka mampir2 ke TUM abis webnya lucu dan keren banget!! Yg aku incer biasanya resep2 masakannya..hehehe.. :)) Nah, trus aku rekomendasiin deh TUM ini ke temen yg baru banget punya baby. Hihihi :))

    Selamat hari ibu ya mbak, semoga sukses selalu :))

    Oia, penasaran deh itu perempuan yg di logo TUM mbak Shinta ya itu ya? Abis mirip banget! Hehehe ;p

  2. sLesTa says:

    D’: thanks yaa! glad you dropped some words here so i know that you’ve been following & reading my writing hehe.. dan thanks juga buat rekomendasiin TUM ke temen2nya.

    duh tentunya bukan dong.. it’s a reflection of every urban mama, that logo! all moms are good at multitasking and that logo just pictures it perfectly, doesn’t it? 🙂

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