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no studyingfor you who just visited singapore the first time and wonders around the coffeeshop in changi airport while waiting to board, you may notice that many of them put “no studying” sign. don’t you ever wonder what that means? well, i did!

of course, the sign means you cannot study, but don’t you find it weird that they would have that kind of signage at the airport? actually you may even find the signs all over the coffeeshops and fast-food restos in singapore. you see, school kids tend to go to these places and spend all day to study, just by purchasing a single drink or the cheapest meal available. and because they’d be spending their time pretty much all day, they would occupy all the seats. during off-peak hour, this usually not an issue, but when the peak hours come, this is definitely quite annoying. for the new patrons and the staffs. that’s why that signage then becomes a common item you’d find in fast-food restaurants and coffeeshops all over singapore.

then why airport, you might ask? apparently, due to the high turnaround of visitors to shops in airport, kids find it that the shop owners are more lenient towards their habits of occupying the seats to study. on the other hand, they also cannot let the kids stay all day as during rush hours, they may lose the customers. so more and more, store owners in the airport also starts to put up the “no studying” signs.

especially after singapore government fixed the airport, not only as an airport, but also as somewhat a place to go to over the weekend. i myself love taking naia to the T3. they have lots of places to eat, places to shop (even the always-on-sale branded items up in the mezzanine), cool playground, kids corners and viewing mall cum aviation museum, and lots of other cool things. the huge area where naia can run is also one of the advantages. sometimes, they even have a promotion or somekind of decoration, like the fantasy castle that we tried last week. it was so cool .. and uhm, free!

fun at changi airport

so for locals, airport is not just the hub that takes them to other cool places, it’s also the place to hangout and play. it’s totally changing the way people see airports. since my office is quite close to the airport, i sometimes go there also for lunch since they have lots of varieties of restaurants to go to.

back to the “no studying” signs. as you may already know, singaporean kids are sooo concern about their academic achievements. they spend their time studying and make sure they get good grades. it’s very stressfull for them. so i asked interns at work about why people go and study at the airport or those coffeeshops. why can’t they just go to the library or hey.. at home?

according to her, sometimes those area are not giving the time and quietness they need to study. you see, many singaporeans live in HDB or the so-called government flats. many would have 2 families living in one unit, they may have to share room with their siblings or even grandparents, nephews and nieces. some don’t even have a room of their own. so the only way they need to do to get the quiet time to study, they would go to these coffee shops where they would meet up with their study-buddy and spend all day going through the books and their notes.

i asked her, why not go to library? she said, they also would go to library. unfortunately, libraries have closing hours. while in airport, it’s 24 hours! aha! so that’s why.. on top of that, she said, these coffeeshops and fast-food restaurants usually provide a wifi connection. so they can always have internet connection. same goes with airport. that’s why, even after all the stores forbid them to study, some may even sit down in the corner area in the airport, sitting down on the floor with books around them and laptop on their lap.

i just hope that store owners are less strict with them. instead of a straight “no studying” sign, maybe just put up “no studying during rush hours” or something like that. cuz according to the intern, they can just sit down at the coffee shop over one coffee cup all day as long as they don’t open their book. they can play games and do something else, as long as not opening their book to study. that’s pretty weird! i don’t know if that’s true or not, tho. but one thing i gotta admit, they really go a long way to ensure that they get the time they need to study. that takes determination.

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