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since a week ago, i joined #365fashionshuffle project via my own tumbler page. the idea is to document a fashion statement on a daily basis for 365 days, from the items we shuffle from our closet. not necessarily a new item, as fashion doesn’t always mean shopping. i think it was a great idea and since i hardly post anything related to fashion anymore, this is quite an outlet for me.

here’s a bit of a write-up from @ditut on the objective of the project #365fashionshuffle:

Gak harus jadi gila shopping, tapi justru menantang kita untuk kreatif memanfaatkan baju-baju lama yang ngendon di lemari dan aksesoris yang ada. Gimana kita nge-mix and match-nya. Selain itu, buat gue proyek ini bisa jadi library ide kalo lagi mati gaya gak tau mau pake baju apa.
Just be creative! Dan inget 1 hal, jadi stylish itu gak harus mahal. Tertantang? Yuk dimulai. Post di blog masing-masing apa yang kamu pakai tiap hari. Semakin unik semakin seru..

while i’m on it, i also created #fashionshufflekids where i would post kids fashion item (with naia as model). since naia is wearing uniform to school everyday, so i don’t put the 365 there, because i wouldn’t really post them on a daily basis, probably only on the weekend, or together with me.

just to give you a glimpse of my fashion, here is what i wore yesterday while having a lazy sunday going to winter clothes shopping for naia in 313@somerset and vivo city. more pictures, check out my tumblr page created for this project at

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  1. alice says:

    shin, suka banget ama tumblrnya! :)napa ga dari dulu2 ada? hihihihihi..thanks for sharing that

  2. sLesTa says:

    hi alice, thanks ya! projectnya udah beres, tapi occassionally gue bakal post my outfit di tumblr. khusus untuk naro TO deh jadinya 🙂

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