Recipe: Chicken Schnitzel & Caesar Salad

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for family meal, most of the times, i rely on my maid to prepare them. firstly, because she’s a good enough cook that i don’t need to interfere in the kitchen. but since i love to be in the kitchen, i sometimes do cook for dinner after work or on the weekend. since what my maid prepares are mostly asian food, i only cook western foods these days. which by the way, was totally the opposite when i was still living in the US, where i only cooked asian food. cuz that was the scarce food .. food that’s hard to find in the restaurants, so they had to be home-cooked!

last weekend, i was inspired by naia’s recent request of having a burger for her meal. since i don’t think it’s healthy for her to eat junk food, i plan to make my own version of burger and fries. instead of making a burger patty, i opted for chicken schnitzel instead, with baked fries and homemade caesar salad with grilled chicken. yummy, simple yet satisfying. even naia jumped in for a taste too!

Chicken Schnitzel Burger with Cajun Fries


what you need:
burger bun
chicken fillet
bread crumbs
cayenne pepper
lemon juice
potatoes, cut

1. preheat oven about 200C. first, you can let the cut potatoes in a salt water for about 10-15 minutes to let the starch out. then remove the water. pour egg whites to the bowl of potatoes (whisk egg whites lightly. you can choose not to use it if you don’t like), cayenne pepper (taste to your liking), rosemary (you can use fresh one, chopped. or you can use dried ones). drizzle with olive oil, place in the oven tray and bake until brown and crisp. you can also opt to fry them. if you do prefer them fried, don’t cover them with egg whites. once they are ready, sprinkle paprika or cayenne pepper or cajun seasoning. then arrange in a platter.

2. prepare the burger bun. cut in half then spread mayo inside. put it in the grill upside down (mayo side on the grill) for a few minutes until you see the grill marks.

3. prepare the sauce. combine mayonnaise, cayenne pepper (measurement to your own liking) and lemon juice (don’t use too much, 1tsp should be enough for one serving). mix well together, set aside.

4. prepare the chicken. flattened the chicken breast skillet to a thin fillet, cut to fit into the burger bun. cover well with flour then drop into the whisk egg (i use only the yolk. i separate the whites for fries, though you can use one egg for making the chicken and use another egg white for the fries, or none at all), then cover the fillet entirely with bread crumbs. fry and set aside to cool.

5. prepare the burger. arrange the lettuce on top of the bun, then sliced tomatoes. you can also put in slices of onions, if you want. top them with the chicken schnitzel then spread the cayenne mayo sauce on top of the chicken and other side of the bun. wrap in a napkin for easy serving.

Caesar Salad with Lemon Pepper Grilled Chicken


what you need:
romaine lettuce
chicken breast
olive oil

for dressing:
chopped garlic (2 pcs)
1 tbsp mayonnaise (optional)
1 tbsp dijon mustard
2 tbsp lemon juice
1/2 cup fresh grated parmesan cheese
1 tsp achovies paste (optional)
olive oil
pepper to taste

1. prepare the chicken. rub the chicken breast with lemon & pepper, set aside for about 15 min. i actually cheated and just use the lemon pepper seasoning. cover the chicken with it and sprinkle with olive oil. set aside, then grill about 2-3 min each side. wait until cool then cut up in cubes.

2. prepare the salad dressing. combine all ingredients in the bowl. when pouring the olive oil, pour it little by little until you get the right consistency. keep tasting until you find the right taste to your own liking.

3. drop in the cut up romaine lettuce inside the dressing bowl (or you can also pour in the dressing bowl into the prepared lettuce). mix together (i find it easier to mix with hand) to incorporate the dressing evenly. place in plate. put the chicken on top and grated fresh parmesan. serve.

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