First Quarter Update

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*OMG! this writing has been in my draft for more than a month, i complete forgot to publish it.. my goodness!*

if you are wondering why i’ve been posting a lot of recipes in my blog lately, please don’t be surprised. it’s the only thing i can posted in my blog these days. at least i updated, right? right!

this blog has been changing quite a lot. by end of this month, it’s a complete decade that i’ve been updating my life randomly through this blog. i always try to update as much as i can and as detail as i can. after all, now that i look back, it’s a documentation of certain moment of my life and sometimes it’s nice to go back and remember it. unfortunately, as i grow older and changed responsibilities and role, the less time i have to update anything in my personal blog.

since it’s almost an end of a quarter this year, why don’t i go back and see how much i have accomplished my new year resolution.

professional udpates:
1. i got that promotion!
2. i got another job. a job back to fincon, an area where i’m most comfortable. so excited, especially now that i’ll be working with my old boss again.

personal updates:
i lost about 3kg. not a lot, but i really don’t aim for weight lost. my PT is still on retainer and sessions with him have been great! i start enjoying the sessions and i can really feel the difference in my strength and change of body. i may lost weight, but i’m more concerned on my body fat. i think i have successfully turned the fat into a muscle. i can feel my body is toner now. last night, during our session, my PT told me that i look slimmer and toned. double yay!

still on going. i have finally went to dr. tracey lim (ob/gyn) to remove my IUD. tho, i still have doubts if i’m ready for another baby. when it comes, it comes and i will embrace it happily tho.

on the other hand, naia is getting bigger and will be celebrating her 3rd birthday soon. she has a mind of her own and chatty as a bird. our #bakingsession project is on a roll. that’s why you see me updating this blog with a bunch of recipes lately. cuz i want to capture the moment (and the result) of every #bakingsession i have with naia. so far it’s been great and i love the time spent doing that.

broke my promise already. naia and i went to visit jakarta 2 weeks ago. it was a last minute thing and largely it was for work. so it was money well spent.

our plan to visit NZ is still in tow, though christchurch is still recovering from a recent earthquake. we may want to travel to queenstown as soon as we arrived. not sure yet.

another earthquake also shaken japan last week. it was terrible. the video i saw of the earthquake and the tsunami was horrible. god bless the japanese people who are now trying to rebuild the city as well as tackling the nuclear radiation issue. i just hope everything goes back to normal soon.

i’m still continuing my #365fashionshuffle and it has been challenging yet fun. after 40 days, i think my outfit is going on a loop and repeat itself again.. heheh..

well, that’s all for the updates. as for my own blog, i’ve been wanting to change the look for a couple of years now, and still struggling with the right design. i know it’s not so user friendly anymore, but i have to stick with it for a while. really hope i can change it soon.

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  1. Linda says:

    and congrats for your 2nd pregnancy 🙂

  2. sLesTa says:

    thanks, linda!

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