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recently, my intention to write comes back alive again. it seems that i’ve been having some writing block that it was so hard for me to write anything. well, not because i lost touch, it’s more because i lost the time i can spend to write. back then, i used to write in between my lunch time. i would always find the idea to write during my commute to and from work. life was interesting back then. everyday i would find something new and interesting to write or share in my blog. not that life is not interesting now, it’s just that i have other important stuffs on my head.

then family comes. not that i blame them, of course. i love my family and i love being a mom. so then, my blog becomes a family blog where i write about my daughter and her milestones. i was a bit hesitant to do that though, even until now. because for me, blogging is about writing my thoughts and opinions, not a diary. that’s why i kept myself anonymous for the longest part since this blog exists. then, the urban mama comes along. it’s like moving my ‘family blog’ writing there. then it becomes not just a hobby, but also a business. as someone who sits behind, running it as a business, it takes more of my time doing that then actually writing in it. so i give up writing almost entirely, even in my own blog.

the feel still comes and goes. i want to write again, but always stuck on what to write. my life has become a routine and i still want to separate between my daily life and what i can blog. i tried not to blog my daily life. hubby said, why not? so i’d write about something special happened in our life, but not everything.

back then, more than a decade ago, people are not so tuned in the virtual world as they are today. even then, i worry about giving out too much in the virtual world. but these days, i see people write about their daily life, mentioning the most private things like who the name of their daughter’s nanny, where they live, what they do, where they work, it just seems too scary for me. so i tried to put in boxes on how much info i can share here in my blog, eventhough, most people already know who i am in the real life, who my family is, what my daughter’s name, etc. but i still think, i need to stop at something and not giving out too much. after all, blogging is a digital foot print, and i don’t want to be held responsible if i’m sharing too much info.

that’s why i’m searching on ways on how to continue writing in this blog. i don’t want to make it as a diary, i want it to contain all my thoughts. yes, they may be boring, but when i looked back at my past thoughts, i’m amazed on how analytical i was. i want to be like that again. maybe soon.. we’ll see.

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  1. Ija says:

    I couldn’t agree more!! I”ve been blogging on and off… Awalnya tentang beauty, trus males kayaknya kurang nge reflect gw.. Akhirnya nikah punya anak, bikin blog lagi.. coba bikin “mommy blog” tapi ngga suka cerita banyak2 tentang kehidupan sendiri.. Akhirnya baru minggu lalu, bikin blog.. Yang cuma share thoughts dari apa yang i trully love..

    Mampir2 dong ke blog aku… Thanks ya!

  2. sLesTa says:

    hi ija.. sure, udah suka mampir2 kok, a silent reader of your blog..

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