Love and Marriage

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this is actually a repost. found that i wrote this a few years back when i was still single. now that i’m married, it’s interesting to know that it’s so TRUE! so it deserves a REPOST!

one day, plato asks his teacher

[plato]: what is love? how do i find love?

[teacher]: there is a field full of apple trees in front of us. walk through it without having a step back, and pick the most delicious incredible apple there is. if you think you have picked the most delicious incredible apple there is, then you have found what love is.

so plato starts walking through the apple field, and after a while, he comes back to his teacher.. empty handed. upon seeing his pupil return without any apple on his hand, the teacher asks…

[teacher]: why don’t you bring any apple at all?

[plato]: i was only allowed to bring one apple back and i cannot make any step back during my walk through the field. actually i have found the most delicious incredible apple i think there is, but i wonder if i might find a better apple from the rest of my walk forward, so i didn’t pick that apple. when i continue my walk further, i realized that out of all the apples i have found, there is nothing compared to the one i have found earlier, that’s why i didn’t pick anything at all.

[teacher]: so that, my student, is love.

in another day, plato asks his teacher again…

[plato]: my dear teacher, what is marriage? how do i find it?

[teacher]: hmm.. there is a forest full of trees ahead. walk forward without taking any step back once and you can only cut one tree. and when you decide to cut down that tree, make sure it’s the tallest of them all, because that means you have found what a marriage is.

so, following his teacher’s instructions, plato starts walking toward the forest. after a while, he comes back with a tree. the tree is not a fresh/organic one, and it is not even that tall. it’s just an average tree. so the teacher asks plato..

[teacher]: why did you cut down an average tree?

[plato]: because.. based on my experience before, after i walked through the whole field, i came back empty handed. so this time, when i saw this tree, i thought… this is not so bad so i decided to cut it down and bring it here. i don’t want to miss any opportunity to take it with me.

and the teacher’s answer is…

[teacher]: so, that.. my dear student… yeah, that is marriage!

moral of the story:

love, the more you look for it, the more you can’t find it. love is in the bottom of your heart, when you can control what you want and control your hope for something more.

when you want and hope for something more from love, then all you get just emptiness… nothing you will possess, and nothing can be turned back. you cannot turn back time. so just accept love as the way it presents itself to you.

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