My Little Ballerina

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since naia was 2 years old, she already asked me to take her to a ballet class. it started when she had a year-end concert at school where she was dressed as a ballerina and performing a song with her class. of course, the beautiful ballerina dress would probably had a lot more things to it.

i decided to put on hold the ballet class because i think she was still too young for it. naia was having an adjustments to fit in and interacting with people in her school, so i doubt that she would be able to in a dance class. although i totally understand how much she loves to dance.

after asking questions and finding out more about it, i decided that i’ll put her on a ballet class if she reaches 3.5 years. of course, only if by that time she still wants to take ballet class. apparently, she does. when i took her on an observation inside the ballet class 2 weeks ago, she was so excited and happy that she couldn’t stand sitting on the side of the class. when called by the teacher, she joined right away and started dancing and following the teacher’s instructions. that’s when i know she’s ready.

so this past saturday, she’s officially in a ballet class. right now, it’s a modern ballet class at the ballet & music company. i’m trying out for 1 term. if she really does enjoy it, then i’ll move her to a classical ballet when the term has ended. she can then decide which one she likes best.

as early as 7.30am on a saturday, naia woke up to ask us whether it’s her off day from school or not that day. i told her that it’s not an off day cuz she has a ballet class today. hubby told her that she should get ready, took shower and had her breakfast (things that she would always find a reason not to do in the morning). surprisingly, she jumped out of the bed, asked her ‘mbak’ to feed her breakfast and she then straight to go to shower. wow! she was ready by 8am while both hubby and i are still in our bed .. LOL! well, the class doesn’t start by 11am, so we still have plenty of time to get ready.

by 11, we were already in front of the class. i told her that she will go inside the classroom by herself as i will not be sitting inside to watch her. at first, she was hesitant, but as the class door opens and sees other little girls went in by themselves, she just ran and sit down in front of the teacher. she was then asked her name and asked to waved to her friends. i was just watching her from outside of the class. before the class door closes, i told her that i’ll be waiting outside.

the class runs about 45 minutes, from 11.15am to 12pm. so i went to run some errands and went to the nearby stores. apparently 45 minutes run very fast, so by the time my watch reaches 12pm, hubby and i walked to the ballet center. apparently, the class was already out and i saw naia crying in her stroller that we parked outside of the classroom. apparently, she thought that we had left her because she didn’t see me when she comes out. aww.. poor thing! what a bad first day experience for her.

after telling her that we’re sorry and she finally settles down, i asked her about the class. at first, she said she doesn’t want to go again, but this was merely because she was afraid the same thing would happen when she got out of the class (me not being there). so i promised her, next time i will not go anywhere, i will wait outside. then, she said she wants to go back to the class again. she seems genuinely happy.

ahhh.. good for her! my baby is a big girl now..

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