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.. well, i’m definitely not a chef, totally faarr away from it. cooking is merely my hobby, derived from those times when i was living alone abroad, away from family and friends. from trying out to make food i miss from home to trying out different recipes or creating my own. i enjoy having my way around the kitchen, though i don’t really cook every day. it comes and goes. there were times that i would cook every day, from my own breakfast, lunch and dinner. there are times that i only cook on the weekends and there are times that i only bake. the latter seems to be up in my alley these days. i consider myself an OK cook. am not one who remembers the recipes on top of my head or can whip up anything without planning since i don’t spend as much time in the kitchen as i’d like. but i know my way around. i guess i’m more of an occassional cook.

blessed with a maid who knows her way around the kitchen and prepare foods from home, i rarely cook anything for the family, except when i miss some western food like pasta, steak, and the kinds. the rest, i leave it up to her. so i ended up baking only. that’s also how the idea of having baking session with naia comes, which unfortunately i have almost abandoned it since i became pregnant.

but i miss cooking, i miss baking, most of all, i miss baking with naia. these days, my time is occupied with neishia, and i have to divide it equally with naia too. unfortunately, neishia is still too dependent on me. well, she IS only one month old. but i think i can go back to the kitchen already. yesterday, i made that attempt by baking the red velvet cupcakes. who knows what else i’d make? i definitely miss it.

looking back, i realized i don’t really post a lot of what i made in this blog. well, it was never my intention to make this blog as a recipe blog, and i don’t intend to start it either. but i realized that it’s useful to post them. not just for me but apparently, some of my friends love it that they can always log in to my site and find the recipe they need. whenever i post anything that i just cooked on twitter, instagram or whatever channel i may be on, they’d ask for the recipe. simply just by asking “will i see it in your blog?” haha.. oh well, i guess i should start documenting them well. i’ll start creating a category for it so it’d be easier to look up. but don’t expect anything fancy like those food-bloggers do, cuz again, i’m only an occassional cook and my skil is faaar away from a real one.

one thing for sure, i’m a practical cook. i only cook those that are easy and guaranteed yummy. it’s the 2 basic requirements on all the food i made. well, of course, there are some that requires some skills and time, like making my famous “dendeng belado” that my friends used to ask me make when i was in NYC. but now, as much as i can, i only make those that are easy. hahah.. blame it on the limited time i have and my newfound status, a working mom with 2 kids!

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