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Naia & Aidan

the waterina, yosi’s apartment | april 2012

during one of gank duren’s latest monthly gathering at yosi’s apartment, naia and aidan (whom she called “abang aidan”) were giggling and playing in the corner. without them knowing, i shot some pictures of them together with my iphone. they were soo cute together. naia and aidan are friends since naia was still very young and just learning how to walk. she always refers to him as “abang aidan” and always fond of aidan. on the other hand, aidan is such a good boy, he would patiently wait and play with naia.

gank duren is actually a group of 4 families (ours, yosi’s, mbak shinta & mas wisnu’s, thalia & ari’s). we regularly hangout almost every month just for the sake of hanging out. it started from one event leads to another. from birthday celebration, barbequing, to just hangout for no reason, catching up with everyone’s life. we get to talk about different things, more than often, actually nothing. the name originally came because we always mention that it’d be nice to have some durian while we hang out, but it never happens. when it does happen, it was never a complete group, so it becomes our main topic everytime we see each other.

the juniors are left to play with each other everytime we gather, regardless of their differences in age. naia and aina (thalia & ari’s) are about the same age and they play with aidan who’s only 3-4 years older, while namira and alif (of yosi’s) are way older as they are already in secondary school. nonetheless, they can still hangout and play together, laughing and giggling everytime we hang out.

looking at the pictures above, i can’t help but wonder what would they think when they see this picture, 10 or 20 years from now. i just hope they – all of the gank duren’s juniors – would grow up as friends, best friends and get along together, just like we are, the parents. they are definitely our family in singapore.

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