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macau tower, macau | april 4, 2012

i love how this picture came out. ario took this candid snapshot of naia and me, while we were visiting the observation deck of the macau tower, about 233m above the ground. the tower had plenty of actions around, like people doing the skywalk even bungee jumping. while waiting for the others enjoying their view of macau 360, i took a seat. naia came by and sat next to me and together we both were watching the people who were skywalking on the rims of the tower.

i asked her if she would be brave enough to do the skywalk or bungee jump one day. she then asked a series of questions, “why would people pay to jump off the tower, mama? why would people want to jump, mama? why? will they die, mama?” yep, she is at the stage that wouldn’t shut up until her questions are answered and she ASKED a lot of them, a series of whys. as parents, we have to answer all the questions as truthful as we can. it took me awhile to answer the above questions, even if i did answer them truthfully, she still couldn’t understand why. oh parenthood..

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  1. arninta says:

    love this picture so much! :))

  2. sLesTa says:

    thank you, arninta! i love it too.. kebetulan difotonya candid. pas liat, langsung suka banget!

  3. Opi says:

    Ngeliat fotonya jadi terharu. Abis itu pengen punya anak perempuan. :’)

  4. sLesTa says:

    @opi: hahah.. hayoo dong buruan pi 🙂

  5. ajita says:

    the picture tells the story … your head angle, and your daughter gaze to you .. it’s a beautifully captured moment 🙂

  6. sLesTa says:

    @ajita: thanks, dear! 🙂

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