Healthy Habits Should Start From Young

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a few weeks ago, thalia asked me if i would take naia to take part in kids run SG this year. i answered her YES right away, then checked the website. i’ve heard about this event for a few years now and waited til naia is big enough to take part in it. i was also planning to take her in kids dash category in stanchart marathon this year.

i only registered for the fun run, where both naia and myself would run (or walk) for a full 800 meters. not a long range, but the fact that i get her excited to take part in it as well as to instill a healthy habit from young, is one of my biggest intentions. i was raised by parents who love sports. both my mom and dad are into different sports for as long as i can remember. mom used to actively play tennis, volleyball, badminton, you name it. dad is the same too. they’d win many competitions, not a big competition but they’re quite good at it. when i was in elementary school, dad picked up golf and it had been his choice of sports ever since. mom took it up after seeing how crazy dad was about the sports. being a good sporty woman, she learned and conquered golf right away, joined and win many tournaments. even used to be part of the national amateur league. golf has become her chosen sport until now. at almost 60 years old, mom is still actively joining the golf tournaments and practices at least once a week. and i guess, seeing them being so active kind of rubbing in on me. i always love to do sports, eventhough on and off. and now i want to transfer that to my kids too, starting with naia.

after i gave birth to naia, i did pick up yoga again, but not too intense cuz i can’t seem to find the time to exercise in between my work, family and handling the urban mama’s business activities. yea yeah, it’s an excuse. so after i fully weaned naia and my weight shoot up, i realized i have to spare some time to go to the gym and work out. i signed up in a gym nearby, and had a personal trainer to train me for a better workout schedule. i wanted to train for another marathon race as well as to get my body toned and back in shape. (un)fortunately, as soon as i’m used to it and my sessions with the personal trainer ended, i found out i was pregnant with my second child.

now, after 2.5 months of birth to neishia, i’m back to my high impact exercise as part of of my post natal workout. i’m also training for a 10K sundown race in may and another 10K for shape run race in july. so in between my training time, i’d take naia to run with me and start training with her.

naia was so excited, especially after i got her a new pink running shoes (since her old one has already too small for her) and just keeps asking for a running session across the apartment to the bedok reservoir park. usually she goes to the park to play in the sand box. now, she goes there to train with me, then after she gets tired, she asked for a reward.. playing in the swings!

it has now become our new session on a weekend. i hope that i can instill a good healthy habit for her as it is a lifestyle for people in singapore to take care of their health since they’re young. it’s not uncommon that i’d see young kids would go to the bedok reservoir park and run together in groups. it’s a lifestyle that i want naia to grow up with, and a lifestyle i can also pick up happily.

i have started to run again and i want to keep it that way, as part of my lifestyle in spite of my busy schedule at work and at home. i consider it as my me-time, a 30-40 minutes every other day, running the tracks in my own pace, having the time all to myself.

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  1. Accchhh aku harus mulai lari lagi ni,,, mulai gerak lagi,,,, turunan diabetes ngeri juga euy,,,,

  2. sLesTa says:

    yuk, nthie.. mulai ikutan lari. mumpung lagi pada rame tuh, bisa bareng2 dan rame2.. pasti seru!

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