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last week, after we came back from our trip to Hong Kong, we decided that it’s time to give neishia her first hair cut, as well as some spa treatment to relieve from all the tiredness after the long trip. when i took her to jakarta for her “aqiqahan”, i haven’t decided whether i want her hair to be shaved or not. so, we only cut a few strands of her hair and kept her original hair intact.

after we came back from the trip, i decided that it’s time to give her a good clean shave to get rid of her hair she was born with. she came out with a good full head of hair, more than naia’s when she was born. that’s why i felt that maybe i didn’t need to shave it. but after a while i figured that some of her hair had fallen off, so why not just shave it so it would grow nicer.

so last week, 2 days after we came back from the trip, we took neishia to baby spa in changi city point. naia also had her hair shaved there, but at the harbourfront center branch. i just realized that they opened a new branch in this new mall, which happens to be nearby our apartment and it’s still new and bigger than the one in harbourfront center. actually, baby spa also provides a home service for baby’s first haircut, but neishia is obviously big enough to visit the mall, so no need for a home visit. besides, i also want neishia to take some of the spa treatments.

we took 3 packages: haircut (shaved), massage and swimming for a total of SGD 79. different from naia, neishia was so nice and calm throughout the whole ordeal. she didn’t even cry one bit! didn’t even make a peep. first, i fed her in the backroom. it was time for her feeding session, so i made sure i fed her first before she had her spa treatment. the shaving was done fast, not more than 10 minutes. i held her in my arms while the assistant shaved her hair. we asked the assistant to collect neishia’s hair so we can exchange it with gold as heavy as her hair later.

then, we took her to the massage area. i took off her clothes and diaper. the baby masseuse then massaged neishia slowly. starting with some gentle exercise movements. neishia was smiling and giggling the whole time, she was soo cute with her bald head. after the massage was done, the masseuse let her rest a bit, while she was preparing the water for neishia to swim in. once everything is prepared, ensuring that the water is warm enough for neishia and her swimming diaper and neck ring are on, she was then put inside the baby pool. neishia was kicking and smiling right away.

naia was there next to her baby sister the whole time, watching and trying to assist me. neishia really loves to be in the pool, she can’t stop kicking her legs and moving her arms, as if she were really swimming. naia was soo happy to see her baby sister and started playing with neishia from outside the baby pool. she placed the rubber ducks around neishia, even on her head. neishia was swimming for a full 20 minutes.

when she was picked up to the clothing area, i realized that i didn’t bring an extra nappy for her. oh stupid me! i was focused on preparing neishia’s clothes and naia’s bottle water when i prepared the diaper bag, i completely forgot to insert a few nappies there. sometimes i take it for granted that our apartment is nearby that it’s fine not to carry her nappy *doh* .. thank God the baby spa’s assistant saved some samples from goo.n diaper, so she gave one for neishia to wear.

she seems so happy with the whole spa treatment, smiling, giggling after it was done. we put her on her stroller while we walk around in the mall, and she just fell asleep by herself.

oh so sweet, neishia! and here she is a week later..

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  1. Ya ampun Shin, Neishia bener2 kembarannya Naia ya.. Mirip bangeeett..
    Sun dulu ahbuat anak cantiik.. :-*

  2. sLesTa says:

    haha iya nggi, emang mirip banget. naia aja pernah ngeliat fotonya waktu bayi dikirain neishia hehe.. sun balik dari neishia :*

  3. meiza says:

    Neisha cantik… mirip bgt sm naia 🙂

  4. sLesTa says:

    @meiza: iya nih mirip banget bayinya walopun neishia lebih bunder dan lebih chubby. tapi features mereka mirip banget! yah namanya juga satu cetakan heheh..

  5. floren says:

    jd pengen punya anak cewe…neisha chubby little girl and pretty baby…

  6. sLesTa says:

    @floren: thank you! 🙂

  7. chika says:

    si neng seger banget pake baju kuning! cantikkh kayak kaka naia dan mamanya. kiss kiss dari tante chika dan toss dari migu.

  8. BabySPA says:

    We’re glad you enjoyed your visit. Thank you so much. 🙂

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