When Maternity Leave is About to End..

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it’s been 3.5 months since i took my maternity leave and it has been quite a good quality moments spent with my girls. naia loves it that i’m always home and would pick her up from school every day, started from a month after i delivered neishia. i love it that i can enjoy my time at home, catching up on my tv series i recorded, working quietly at home, or time to do my post natal workout without any worry about work. took two trips during the leave to spent time with my family.

in less than two weeks, i would be returning back to the office. i’ve been antsy since last month about this fact, after i jot down the dates and submitted my leave, and got the date from HR when i have to report back. i’m worried that my life would be a constant rush. rushing from home to work, dropping naia on the way to the office. rushing at work, making sure everything is done at the soonest possible so i can go home on time, to pick up naia. while neishia will be left alone with my maid at home. i just can’t imagine how it will be like, especially that my time would be attached to naia’s. i need to also take care of her because it’s almost impossible that i would leave the two girls attended only by 1 maid. my hubby, on the other hand, cannot help as much on this arrangement as his working hours are not as flexible as mine.

on the other hand, i’m also going to change boss as soon as i’m back at the office. my dear boss has called us in with an announcement last month that he’s moving on to a different part within the company. that means, i would have to report to someone else. you see, my current boss is actually the one who hired me into the bank when i was in indonesia. he is someone i trust and respect dearly. i only worked for him less than 2 years, when i moved to singapore. a year later, he moved to singapore too. everyone wondered why i didn’t work for him right after he transfered, since he’s in the same city as i was. it took about 2 years, until finally, i joined his team again and work for him directly, exactly one year ago.

he’s one of the nicest boss i know, one great boss. so working for him really makes my life easier. he demands a lot, and motivates me in every way. he wants things done as soon as possible and he always wants me to be on top of my game. sounds like a very demanding boss, isn’t he? well, he is. but he always manages to do it in a positive way, not in a bossy kind of way. as much as he wants things to get done fast, soon and his way.. he’s not into the process, he only concerns on the delivery. so, as long as i deliver, he doesn’t care how i get it. whether i work from home, come to work late, go home early, leave late, he leaves it up to me. cuz he trusts me enough that i know what i’m doing to ensure i deliver what i’m being asked for. that’s why it’s easier on me.

during my pregnancy, there are many times that i ended up working from home because of my condition (not feeling well, too lazy to take the train or drive, etc.). he didn’t care. if he needs me, he calls me on my mobile phone. if i don’t deliver, then he’d badger me. which i think is fair.

so knowing that he won’t be there anymore, kinda makes me nervous, especially with the current arrangement that i’m having now with two kids. i’m just crossing my fingers that i will manage. i know i will, we women are born with multitasking, aren’t we?

another thing that makes me nervous the most is whether i can keep my training program. for the past month, i have been keeping a training program on running. i have signed up on two 10K races, one in end of may and one in july. as part of my post-natal workout, i want to shape my habit to run at least 3 times a week. so training for a race would be a great idea. unfortunately, once i’m back at the office, i’m not too sure if i can keep that. i will try. we’ll see.

in the meantime, i have been running every other day. early this week, after my long run, i found that my left knee is hurt more than usual, that i couldn’t walk straight for one whole morning. so i decided to rest for a couple of days. this morning, i pushed for a 5K run. i managed fine, but i’m afraid i still have to be careful until the knee is properly healed.

for the next 2 weeks, i would only care about keeping my pace, keeping my workout intact, before all the chaos at work comes gushing back at me … oh dear lord! can i have a longer maternity leave? *.. and i hear a boo sound.. *

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  1. Linda says:

    Ikut sedih bacanya…terlebih bagian ‘boss’ itu….well maybe it’s a sign for you to ‘wake up’ and ‘naik kelas’ hehehe…
    Gimana enggak….skrg pun ud bisa melihat ke-supermom-an inside of u (pardon my bahasa), b’feed, pumping, storing, naia’s matter, workout. Gak bisa ngebayangin rempongnya….but u did it SEMPURNA!
    Eh tapi perasaan galau mau habis cuti itu ngalah2in baby blues sih menurutku hehehe….semangat ya Mbak…..

  2. sLesTa says:

    @linda: naek kelasnya ngapain nih maksudnya? 😛 duh, gak supermom, ini juggle among many things, it’s hard, tapi ya gitu lah. banyak yang lebih heboh dari gue. karena pada dasarnya a mom is super human yah.

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