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i’m finishing off my first week of back in office. though i started only on tuesday, it has been such a productive week for me. a bit chaotic at first, but i hold my fort alright, i guess.

on my appearance:
everyone keeps saying that i look different. well, of course i look different. last time they saw me i was huge with my big belly. now i lost the big belly, i can wear my heels and more stylish clothes than the maternity ones *LOL*

on office hours:
got on my high gear and chased people to sit down with me and give me updates. i only have shorter time in office now, since i have to leave before 6PM to pick up naia from the daycare, so i need to really maximize my time at the office. not to mention the 2 sessions i need to spend in the nursing room to pump.

my first session i take just before my lunch, so i combine it with my lunch hours. thanks to the double pump on my medele freestyle, i can cut my pumping time shorter. in less than 15 minutes, i’m usually done filling up both bottles. compared to my first breastpump experience, this is wayy much better. i used to take 30-45 minutes each session, just to fill up a bottle.

since 15 minutes is taken for pumping, i only have 45 minutes to have my lunch. i opt for something nearby so i can save time. great thing my office stands next to a mall, so i can grab my lunch pretty fast. my second session is about an hour before i leave from work, about 3-4 hours after my first pump.

office work is still a bit slow since my back up is still doing her work while i’m settling in. so even though i was rushing here and there, i can still breathe in between. i only saw my boss once, as he’s getting really busy with his dual role. he only has 1 month left before he’s officially off to his new role. *sobs*

on running:

Sunrise at Bedok Reservoir

i’m changing my running hours to mornings. so i run in the morning before work. so far i have run 3 times and i managed to run around the reservoir. i’m still adjusting to the new timing and my body is also trying to adjust to it as well. morning runs are much healthier, but i still need time to adjust to it. i find myself a bit sleepy during the run and since my cold is not fully recovered yet, i woke up with nasty phlegms occupying my throat. this also impacts my runs, as i can’t breathe properly, hence my pace becomes slower than usual.

but that’s okay, right now, i’m more focused on getting my body used to the morning run, possibly making it as my regular morning activity before work. i find that it makes me energized at work and i won’t be stressfull with the morning rush of preparing myself and managing naia’s tantrum in the morning. yes i have the 10K race in two weeks that i need to prepare for, but this time, my goal is to end the race in less than 80 minutes. that’s enough for now. i don’t want to put too much pressure on my body as i know it’s needing a lot of adjustments right now.

on kids & family:
obviously, they are impacted the most on my going back to work. naia stays longer at the daycare while neishia needs to get used to drinking the milk from the bottle.

in the morning, i had to manage naia from throwing her tantrums, so she can shower and has her breakfast on time while i’m getting ready. neishia, on the other hand, becomes a second priority, poor thing. either she’s held by my maid or my husband while i took a shower, or i let her lay down while i’m getting ready. so grateful that she’s such an easy baby that would let me do all this without giving me more hassles. she started to pick up a habit of sucking her thumb to ease herself to sleep too. such an independent baby! *proudmama*

i pick up naia around 6PM from the daycare. only on first day she already complained why i picked her up so late now. made my wanna cry to hear it but i know she needs to get used to it. if i can leave early from work, i would pick her up earlier, but that only means i will continue work from home again. the first 2 days, i tried it. it’s fine but this also means more hassle because as soon as i get home, neishia is literally attached to me and just keeps sucking for milk directly. naia throws tantrums because she doesn’t want to be handled by my maid or hubby and only wants me to help her with everything *sigh*. so i had to stop working and cater to the kids’ needs until they’re all asleep so i can go back to doing my work. only by that time, i’m already too exhausted to even open my computer.

motherhood, whether you are a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, we all have our challenges. every mother has their own strengths to keep the family together, despite of being a headless chicken and runs around all over the place to keep things together.

read a really nice piece on mothers in this article here. i love that the writer points out that a good mother is not perfect. nor she expects perfection from her children, either.

the best parents give their children the room they need to be messy, mistake-making children. and they allow themselves, perhaps with some humor, to be messy, mistake-making mothers who love life and their chilren with an open heart.”

happy early mother’s day to all of great mothers out there!

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  1. Meta says:

    Oh ituuuu tasnyaa…hihi keren bangeeettt! akhirnya bisa liat, haha. hush, balik ke topik..selamat ya shin, semangat ngantor lagi.

  2. Meta says:

    btw gw suka banget foto reservoir di atas. (Eh iya kan itu fotonya reservoir deket rumah lo?)

  3. sLesTa says:

    @meta: hush, salah fokus deh hihi.. awal2 sih semangat met, tapi baru seminggu udah ambil cuti sakit dong.. hahah.. tapi emang sakit beneran kok! 😛 dan iya itu foto di bedok reservoir, tepat di sebrang apt building gue.

  4. nadFebina says:

    salut shin, sama semangat lari nya..! gak heran langsung balik lagi kayak sebelum hamil. Btw, tampilan blog baru nya keren banget.. sukaaaaa
    enjoy your coming back to office.. 🙂

  5. sLesTa says:

    @nadFebina: thanks, nad! ih, belom balik kok ke tampilan sebelom hamil. masih belom turun2 berat badannya huhuuu.. yang penting perutnya udah ga gede hehe 🙂

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