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it’s been over a month after we registered kids run singapore 2012, the day is finally here! kids run singapore 2012 is held in 20 may. naia was so excited that she’s going to run eventho she keept asking if she would be running together with abang aidan and kakak aina. unfortunately, no. aidan was taking a competitive race for his age, where he runs for 1.6km. aina was in fun run, but due to age difference, she was in a different category from naia.

the flag for naia’s age category was scheduled at 9.50AM. quite late in the morning and it’s scorching hot in singapore! we arrived by 9.10AM in the padang, after we parked our car in my office building (so it’s free) and took an MRT ride to esplanade, only one stop away from my office. we figured that the streets around the padang would be closed, so to be safe, we took the MRT instead. neishia came too, along with our new maid. i figured, it’d be fun for her to be out in the sun, though she ended up sleeping most of the time.

by 9.30AM, naia and i were already sitting nicely in the holding area, waiting for our turn. by 9.50AM, we were standing behind the starting line. naia was a bit bumped that she was not running along with aina or aidan and kept asking where they were. a few minutes before the race starts, thalia called to tell me where they were waiting. i told naia that if she runs to the finish line, aina & aidan will be waiting for her there. she was so happy, she was all smiley and couldn’t wait for the run to start. since there were plenty of participants, there were a few waves. we were in the second wave, and as soon as we heard the sound of the horn, naia ran.

i was following her on the side and saw that she was determined to reach the finish line. she ran very fast and didn’t even stop a bit. the only time she stopped was when i told her to give a high five the the people who were cheering on the side of the street.

as soon as she saw aina & aidan, she was smiling and ran toward them.. unknowingly that it wasn’t the finish line. i told her to run the other way and cross the finish line, where the staff gave her a medal and a certificate as the finisher of the 800m run.

the kids were so happy to finally see each other, they were laughing, and ran again. aina, who was down with fever and some stomach ache a day before, looked very cheerful. aidan also didn’t show any signs of tiredness after finishing 1.6k in 9 minutes. wow, that was fast!

all of us then went to visit raffles city mall to have our lunch before we went home.

definitely a fun day for us and the kids! can’t wait for the next kids run 🙂 next year aina & naia should be running in the same category. yay!

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