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McQuek’s Sate Celup, Melaka | June 3, 2012

It started from this culinary show in Melaka where it’s showing a famous local food known as “Sate Celup”. Hubby and I were so intrigued about this food that we wanted to try it and plan a trip to Melaka.

Early June this year, we decided to take a day trip to Melaka and visited this famous joint. And wow, we definitely love it! There are plenty of choices of satay, from chicken, fish, prawns, fried dumplings, tofus even veggies. All are lined up in this big fridge and we can pick them up ourselves in an aluminum tray. While we choose our satays, the waiter helped to pour the sauce – spicy peanut sauce – to the hot pot and turned on the stove in our table. We then drop the satay inside the boiling sauce (hence, it’s called “celup) until it’s cooked and eat it in our plate afterwards. We can smother the satays with extra sauce if we want. They don’t serve rice, but they serve cut up bread that we can use to dip it in the sauce.

It’s like a combination of fondue and Indonesian traditional satay with peanut sauce. Interesting, fun and definitely yummy! Towards the end of the meal, I found out that they have this fried fish cake wrapped in wonton wrapper. When dipped into the sauce, it tasted a bit like Indonesian Batagor. Awesome!!

Oh another thing, we chose this place on purpose. Most sate celup restaurants would use the sauce over and over again, while they also serve pork meat. So, it’s definitely not a halal joint, where the sauce may already dipped in pork satay by earlier patrons. But this one in particular, serve the fresh sauce (though we need to pay higher rate for the sauce) and separate utensils so it’s pork-free.

McQuek’s Sate Celup
231, Jalan Parameswara
Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka

They open late at 5.30PM till midnight. Definitely good to taste for dinner or after hours hang out!

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  1. ario says:

    a must try dish in melaka. it’s yummy. it’s fun.

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