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My second 10K race of this year. I’m turning myself to a race runner these days.. haha.. my specialty? 10K race!

Actually, signing up to a race helps me motivate to keep my running routine. I cannot slack off and have to maintain my running routine so I can run in these races comfortably. It helps .. a lot! That’s why I have signed up to at least another 2 races til end of the year.

Shape Run Singapore 2012 is held on a Sunday, 15 July. I signed up with my running buddy, Thalia. Unfortunately, Thalia had to drop out of the race since she had been having a fever from the day before. Too bad 🙁

It was still dark when I got out of the apartment. Picked up my friend, Yana, who lived nearby and off we went to the location. Parked my car at my spot at work and took the MRT to Nicoll Highway Open Field. It’s only a stop away.

We reached by 6.30AM and can see the sea of pink runners getting ready for the flag off. After dropping the bag at the deposit area, getting in line for the potty, we were ready to enter the flag off area. As we were waiting, we saw a bunch of men runners in yellow tees, carrying orange balloons among the sea of pink runners . They are the pace runners who will help us keeping the pace to reach the finish line. Yana and I decided to follow the pacers who will finish the race by 1:10 or at 7′ pace.

As the race started, I started slow behind the pacers. Trying to warm up and ran in my comfortable pace. By the time I reached 1K, I was warmed up and started to run faster and away from the pacers. I was running comfortably all the way till 8K, keeping the pace at 6’45”. That is my personal best so far. Prior to this race, I have been keeping a long run schedule every weekend, where I’d run for at least 10K, in different terrains and routes. So I already know what to expect for this race. So to be able to keep the pace at 6’45” until the 8th kilometer was a great accomplisment for me.

By the 8th kilometer, I slowed down a bit since the sun has come out and it was very strong. Nonetheless, the route was so pretty along the Kallang River and I kept on it. By the 9th kilometer, I can feel the pacer is running behind me and sometimes next to me, which means that my pace has slowed down a bit. So I raced in the last half meter to be away from the pacer so I can enter the finish line less than 1 hour 10 minutes. Which according to my Nike+ app, I finished it at 1 hour 8 minutes.. yay! Personal best!

The hardest part of the race was actually collecting the runner’s kit. It had a very long line and after the 10K run, it was excruciating to be standing in a line (under the scorching sun) waiting to grab our bag filled with goodies. I was thinking not to get it, but I was halfway in line, so I kept at it while enjoying my water and banana. The organizer should seriously think about giving away the runners’ kit while we pick up the race pack next year. Collecting it after the race is so not a very good idea, unless it was given right after we entered the finish line, along with the medal.

I joined back to my fellow Indonesian runners after collecting the runner’s kit, chit chat a bit then off I went home. I rushed home cuz I really need to pump for my breastmilk since it’s getting very full and started to give me some pain. Now I understand why it is very unlikely for a breastfeeding mom to run a half marathon. To experience the breasts full with milk is harder to manage than the long run itself. It’s different from the Sundown Race, where we raced at night so I had plenty of time to pump before the race.

Nonetheless, I was happy and refreshed after the shower and the pump. No time to rest, off I went to the Jurong Bird Park with my kids right after. Whoo-wee..

Till my next (10K) race..

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