Halloween at Chip Bee

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Just like every year, we continue our tradition to do trick or treat on Halloween day at Chip Bee Garden, with our lovely hosts Thalia, Ari & Aina. Apparently I completely forgot to post what we did last year during Halloween in this blog, but I did post it in The Urban Mama, including the making of the eyeball cakepop.

Naia went as a Lady Pirate and Neishia was just wearing her tutu onesies. It’s been a hectic week leading towards the weekend for Halloween that I didn’t really make an extra plan than last year. I also didn’t dress up for Halloween, couldn’t think of wearing anything to the theme that would be comfortable for nursing anyway.

I put on some make-up on Naia but she was not too happy with it and ended up making slouchy faces in the beginning of the trick or treat. She went for the walk around the houses in Chip Bee with her dad, along with Mermaid Aina and Ari, Aidan the Skywalker and Wisnu, and the rest of the gang. Fun fun fun!

This is the gang before they went off on the trick or treat trip (minus Aidan the Skywalker). Thanks for the picture, Thalia!

This year, I made 2 items as Halloween Treats – Finger Sausages and Chocolate Banana Pudding Graveyard. The others also brought some Halloween snacks, another sausage fingers and Halloween pasta.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. crey says:

    Selalu seru baca halloween activity kalian, mupeng ih hihih 🙂

  2. sLesTa says:

    next time join yuukkk.. eh tapi mesti nanya host dulu, gue juga cuma tamu heheh..

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