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Another medal? Yes! But before I told you about the race, let me start about how I came by my new growing running partners..

So after so many months having our virtual running support group through WhatsApp – where most of them live in Indonesia, except me, Thalia & Fanny – one Saturday morning, Thalia and I discussed on creating a new group for all Mama runners in Singapore. We noticed that some people we know through social media or The Urban Mama has started showing interest in running, like we do. So we thought, hey why don’t we ask them to join for a regular running meet-up so we can share our experiences. So the group MamaRunnersSG began.

Most of them are people we know through The Urban Mama, some we met in person, some haven’t. I added some people that I know who also like running, including Yana who is my running buddy on my long runs on weekends, my buddy in Shape Run and Adidas King of the Road races. So there were 10 of us in the group – myself, Thalia, Yana, Sara, Woro, Rani, Dea, Ajeng, Erlia and Dessy.

We decided that we had our first running date on 17 November at East Coast Park. Woro wrote about it at The Urban Mama.

Since many of them just started running, we ended up having a discussion about doing a Party Run – Brooks Run Happy. It’s a 9km party run which is basically an extension of Rock n’ Roll Marathon Series. Since it’s a party run, it’s not a race as they will not have winners but everyone who came and had the run will get a medal. We call it “Dugem Run” since there will be DJ and music before and after the run. It’s also held at night, at 7PM, which is a good timing for moms like us. For myself and Thalia, this will be our third race together, our second night race after Sundown (which started waayy too late).

Six of the Mama Runners SG will join the race – me, Thalia, Woro, Erlia & Ajeng.

On race day – I went from home at 5.30PM, and was supposed to meet up with Thalia, Woro and Erlia at Marina Bay Sands. But the parking was terrible going in so we decided to park at Millenia Walk and took the MRT to Marina Bay station and met everyone there. Hubby and Naia came with me, eventhough Naia was actually still not well after her school’s year end performance in the morning. But she insisted to come to meet Aina, who also came with Ari. As we got out of Marina Bay station, we took the shuttle to the venue and met Sara (who came with her hubby) there.

By 7PM we already on our way to the starting pen. The music was blaring, the sun has set and become darker, the light show was playing at the finish line, as well as the starting point. As we entered the starting pen, there were a few people handed us glow sticks. I put them on my hand as bracelets, some put them as a necklace, or on their hair. By 7.30PM the run started off.

I started slow, warmed my body up first. I was still a bit traumatic from my past race where I wasn’t feeling very well, so I made sure I was running my pace and not too tired. The view was awesome in Tanjung Rhu as we were running overlooking Singapore skyline. I was starting the first kilo with 7″ pace. Not bad.

By the 2nd kilometer, I upped my pace and was having a great time passing by other runners. The 3rd kilometer was a stretch back to the start point and there was a very narrow road to share with other runners. I ended up slowing down but then picked up my pace again after reaching the 4th kilometer, running towards Marina Bay Sands. Had to slow down again by 6th km, where I was held up with a lot of passerby in front of Marina Bay Sands. People were watching the band and they were trying to cross our track while we’re running. There were strollers, kids, old people trying to pass us while we’re trying to run. It was chaotic, I even bumped to a girl who insisted on crossing in front of me. There was a U-turn after 7Km and we’re running back to the Marina Barrage towards the finish line. I picked up my pace, somehow I felt that I was not tired at all and tried to keep my pace up. As soon as I reached 8th kilometer, I even started to run a lot faster than my regular pace .. until I reached about 200 meter to the finish line, where I saw that it was an inclined finish. Oh crap.. I had to slow down and run slowly, even almost walking to reach to the finish line. And yes, I did it! 9km in 57 minutes, with a pace of 6’21”.

The finish line was packed with party runners who were dancing to the music from the light up stage. Thalia called after a few minutes, and I found out that Thalia had an accident and fell, causing a bloddy arm and a split handheld bottle cover. Sara joined us, then Erlia and Ajeng. We couldn’t locate Woro cuz her phone was dead.. but at the end we managed to meet up. Erlia came by with a box of BengBeng, and it was a better snack after a run than the regular eneergy bar (ya’ think?!).

Erlia’s husband, SN, took a lot of great pictures of us and it was awesome pictures. We stayed until the last lucky draw (a trip to US to join the Rock n’ Roll series) yet, noone from us won. Nonetheless it was a fun night, a fun race and truly enjoyable with Mama Runners!

before we enter the starting pen

.. as I’m crossing the finish line (picture taken by SN, edited by chacha)

after the race pictures .. sponsored by bengbeng.. LOL

once again, here’s the cool-looking medal. officially a “Party Queen”

*pictures are taken here and there from the gank and SN – thanks for the wonderful pictures!

.. and here is the official picture, taken during the run.

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  1. crey says:

    Fun fun fun padahal cuman baca/denger cerita kalian… ini annual ngga shin? beneran deh pengen nabung buat experienced race disana πŸ™‚

    dan gilee, kereeen abis bisa ningkatin pace gitu, tips dong shin… slama ini yang ada malah pace makin menurun dan napas makin susah kalo lari, tapi gpp kali ya yang penting latihan endurance dulu soalnya napas gw asli berat bgt…

    oia dan seneng liat foto ini kalian mamas2 cantik dan ceriaaa semuanya πŸ™‚

  2. orangeginger says:

    wah didn’t know the lucky draw winner is trip to US to join Rock & Roll ! kalo menang kasi tau yaaaa!! I’m a proud participant of RnR event!

  3. nyanya says:

    Suka banget ama gayanya Shinta pas di finish line. Samsing abiiiiissss! πŸ™‚

  4. sLesTa says:

    @crey: harusnya sih annual ya.. yuk yuk taun depan race disini yaa πŸ™‚ ningkatin pace itu.. awalnya gak boleh buru2 sih crey. jadi mesti santai di awal2 sampe panas

    @orangeginger: iyaa yang menang ikutan ke LA kalo ga salah. cencunya kita ga ada yang menang, kalo menang sih udah pasti berkoar2 hahah.. pengumumannya malam itu juga kok rin.

    @nyanya: itu sebenernya fotonya di edit ama chacha.. aslinya ada orang di sebelah gue.. hihih..

  5. Dinovita (dino) says:

    Hello, i’m newly moving singapore, been a month actually, mau gabung runningmama sg, gimana caranya ya?


  6. sLesTa says:

    Dinovita gabung di area The Urban Fit-nya yuk!

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