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Home, Singapore | October 18, 2012

On our regular weekend activity, swimming! Neishia just turned 10 months old the day before and sporting her new two-piece swimsuit from Cotton On. For $10, it was a steal!

She loves being in the water, especially that it means, she gets to play with Kakak, Papa and Mama. Though I put the floats in her arms, she still couldn’t swim by herself. Hopefully soon.

On the other hand, her big sister has made great improvements. She’s now able to swim by herself to the middle of the big pool, just holding a board. She’s also willing to bury her head inside the water and hold her breath. Yay!

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  1. ochie says:

    Hai mb shinta,
    aku silent reader yg mw komen..
    Mukanya neishia mirip mamanya bgt yaa..
    Btw anakku jg seumuran sm neishia dan suka bgt berenang..

  2. sLesTa says:

    hi ochie, thanks udah keluar dari ‘silent’nya hehe.. iya ini anak-anak mirip mamanya dua2nya, papanya cuma kebagian nama hehe..

    sapa nama anaknya? cewek juga?

  3. ochie says:

    iya,, cewek jg mb,, namanya nayyara aqila hasan.. lahir 4 februari 2012 kmrn.. hehe..

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