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Last Saturday, we finally reached to the day which Naia would perform at the year-end concert with her classmates. Like the past 2 years, we always attended Naia’s school performance at the end of the year. The school’s year end performance is actually a graduation performance for the K2 students, who are embarking new journey as Primary students. At the same time the performance also showcases the kids with their classmates, performing to a music. This year’s theme is “Around The World“. The audience is being brought to different types of songs around the world. The set up was much better planned than last year, from the concert tickets that look like an boarding pass to the teacher who was wearing an SQ uniform, pretending to be the stewardess.

The day of the performance, Naia woke up at 5.30am with a high fever. Since it’s a bit too early for her to wake up, her dad gave her paracetamol so she can go back to sleep. She was mumbling in her sleep due to the fever. By 7.30am, she woke up with lower temp. The fever has dropped but she seems weak. Nonetheless, she showed us that she’s feeling better and okay, cuz she wouldn’t want to miss the concert. She has been practicing the dance moves since a few months back. She and half of her Nursery classmates was going to perform the dance to a song popularized by Indian actors called “Chammak Chalo”, while the other half would perform a dance to a K-Pop song.

After quick shower and breakfast (which she just wouldn’t want to eat any heavy breakfast as usual, I guess because she just doesn’t feel well), her dad dropped her to the Tampines Regional Library where the performance was held this year. In the meantime, I took a shower and prepared Neishia. Hubby got home for his breakfast then off we went to the venue.

After K2 graduation ceremony, video showcases of the students’ activities, and valedictorian speeches (both in English & Mandarin), the performance began. As usual, the PG1 kids usually opened the show. This time they were dancing to the Hawaiian song, in their Hawaiian outfit, they were sooo cute!! No need to synchronize dance moves, just to show them get up in the cute outfit on the stage, dance to their own liking to the songs was already a performance by itself. It was just soo cute!

Naia performs next. We were amazed by the pretty dress. Naia danced well, but somehow she seems to forget to smile. Apparently, the headache and runny nose made her concentrated more on them instead of the moves. She didn’t smile and looked like she was trying hard not to have her snot comes down from her nose. But she didn’t make mistakes, so it was good! Here’s the video. Naia is the one in the middle.

The dances are ranging from the Tibetan dance, so-called American dance (which is actually the cheerleader squads), Latin songs, even K-Pop! Naia’s other classmates were performing “Sorry Sorry” by Super Junior. This performance marks the end of the school year, which means next year Naia would start the next year as a Kindergarten student.

Neishia was happy the whole time. She fell asleep during the speeches and ceremony, but woke up when Naia danced. She just couldn’t help herself to move to the beats too and was getting some attention from the people in the back rows as she danced to the music! LOL!!

Here are some of the pictures from the event.

The K2 students performed 2 songs (in English & Mandarin, each) to the teachers and friends

Various performances by the students

More pictures of Naia’s performance with her classmates

After the show, Naia with her best friend – Ning Xuan, the only person who can make Naia gave that bit of a smile

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  1. crey says:

    Naia cantiiikk! too bad lagi ngga enak badan yaaa…. Mmh jadi makin pingin punya anak cewe *lho :p

  2. sLesTa says:

    iya dia gak enak badan gitu jadi bawaannya moody dan marah2 mulu. hayuukk dong, bikin adek buat el 😛

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