11 Months Milestones

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Last Monday, Neishia has reached an 11-months mark. A month away to graduate from baby world and entering the world of toddlerhood. How time flies. It feels like it’s only yesterday that I carried her in my belly, or inside the sleepywrap as she’s sound asleep when we visited Hong Kong Disneyland.

I haven’t updated anything on Neishia in this blog, but I thought the 11 months mark is so special to be mentioned. It’s because Neishia has reached so many milestones in her eleventh months. Let’s list them all..

1. Officially she has visited 6 cities in 4 countries, outside of Singapore.
2. A very chatty girl who just loves to smile to everyone. At 11 months she already know how to call for Mama, Papa and her sister (which usually sounds like “ta ta” for kakak).
3. Adores her sister so much, she would have a big smile ear to ear everytime she sees Naia
4. A big eater, she eats everything! With her – so far – I have not experienced any meal time where she refused to open her mouth.
5. She started her solid food at 6 months old, starting with rice cereal, then fruits, vegetables, chicken, beef then fish. She loves them all! From the beginning I already applied a BLW method where she learns how to pick the food herself. She loves it and definitely masters the skill.
6. At 8 months, she already prefers to eat soften rice than porridge. At this stage, she eats everything prepared for her during meal time – in 5 minutes!
7. At 11 months, one tooth has erupted from her gum. More are seen to follow soon.
8. She has able to stand by herself unsupported. Even took 1-2 steps unknowingly.
9. Loves to be in the beach! Loves to put any object in her ear, pretending that she’s on the phone! LOL
10. She has gone taken the airplane, ferry rides, 4-5 hours ride (by car and bus) to Malaysia, horse-ride, boat, you name it.. she has taken them!

From the beginning, Neishia is such an easy baby. She sleeps regularly and only wakes up 2-3 times at night to be breastfed. She’s very playful and laughs hysterically everytime Naia plays with her. She can sleep on her own if she needs to, as long as she’s fed and with full tummy. She snacks on anything.

Sounds to good to be true for a baby to be that easy? Well, she is! I’m not even boasting, just stating the known facts.

I wish I can freeze time and have her at this age forever. When she can’t say no or answer back. When she would throw a big smile everytime I walk up to the door everytime I come home from work. When she would be so happy to see me and crawl on top of me playfully.

When the smell of a breath still feels like I’m smelling heaven.

I love you, baby girl! Don’t grow up so fast, pleaseee…

Here is Neishia playing with her big sister. One of the videos that I love so much. Neishia loves it so much that she would ask me to play it everytime she sees me holding on my iPhone. So cute!!

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  1. sukie says:

    waaah ga kerasa ya udah mau setahun. Kakak Naia sayang banget ya mba sama adiknya? sehat-sehat selalu yaah :*

  2. sLesTa says:

    makasih, sukie!

  3. Bonnita says:

    what an easy baby neishia! apa ya rahasianya? apa makanan mama shinta enak2 kali ya… hehe

  4. sLesTa says:

    @bonnita: heheh.. kayaknya karena anak kedua, jadi bawaannya lebih cuek kali ya.

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