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Gili Trawangan | December 11, 2012

After our last visited Gili during our honeymoon, almost 6 years ago, we came back with two kids! 🙂

The purpose of visiting Lombok is to finally visit my sister in law’s family who have been living there for almost 4 years. We haven’t visited once and this is such an overdue visit. Since her daughter is also celebrating her 3rd birthday on Dec 7, we wanted to be there for the celebration. We stayed in Senggigi for a week and managed to jump on a boat to cross the island and visit Gili Trawangan.

Woke up early that day, didn’t even shower the kids as we’re going to spend the whole day at the beach. I prepared Neishia’s breakfast and lunch, packed in a food pot. Since Neishia is only 10.5 months old, I had to make sure that I prepare a homecooked meal for her, with no sugar or salt. So during trips like this, I have to bring an electronic cooker so I can prepare her meals beforehand.

By 8AM we were ready to leave the hotel and off to Bangsal, where the boats would go to Gili. Took the boat with other passengers, the boat was full with containers of raw food and other stuff that people bought from the market to be transported to Gili. As soon as we arrived at Gili, I was just amazed once again with how beautiful that place is. With its clear water, white sands beaches and bright blue sky.

In the beginning, Naia refused to go to an island nor the beach. She just wanted to stay at the hotel. But by the end of the trip, she was enjoying being in Gili so much that she didn’t want to leave. Even Neishia was lounging, playing with the sands and caught a nap under the tree on a beach. We all had a good time.

It was a perfect day under the sun, playing in the beach and swimming away. Naia collected the shells from the beach and brought a jar of it to Singapore. Such a wonderful family time!

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