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I actually don’t prepare a new year’s resolution. But apparently when I wrote one in 2010, it was a great way to reflect of what I am trying to achieve and therefore what I have accomplished that year. It was a great feeling to be able to accomplish and more of what I was planning a year before.

Last year I didn’t make one since whichever I had planned was put to a halt due to my pregnancy and the first priority was bringing my baby into the world. And therefore, 2012 has become a wonderful year for us as a family, and me personally.

We welcomed Neishia to the world on 17 Jan. It was an easy delivery for me, within two days we were able to take Neishia home. From the beginning, she was an easy baby. Sleep, milk, and poop were her fave activities for the first 2 months. Naia was so in love with the baby that she didn’t want to go to school for a week. This also marks her staying in daycare full day, to prepare her when I’m back to work. I had 4 months maternity leave and it was one of the best times ever!!

A month after Neishia was born, I decided that I should start doing my post-natal workout. I started with power walk to pick up Naia from her daycare, about 1km away one trip. I carried Neishia in a sleepywrap while pushing a stroller to Naia’s daycare, and returned the same way with Naia sitting on the stroller. I did this every day for 2 weeks while also doing easy pilates steps at home. It was fun! And I can’t wait to be back in shape again.

MARCH 2012
I started to run and was able to run 3.5K nonstop in my first tryout. Of course still with a very slow pace. This month, we also went back to Jakarta for Neishia’s Aqiqahan. It’s Neishia first experience on a plane ride. She was basically slept the entire time. I spent a week in Jakarta and the aqiqahan was a great gathering with family and friends. Anthie helped with the souvenirs, a pack of maccarons for the guests and Sefa came to take pictures of the event. Thanks for your help, ladies!

APRIL 2012
Naia turned 4 years old and we spent her birthday at.. Hongkong Disneyland! The whole family, including my brother’s family and my parents also tagged along in this trip where we visited both Hong Kong and Macau for a week. It was fun! As usual, Neishia was a great little traveller at only 2.5 months old.

MAY 2012
I returned back to office. Though it feels tough to leave 2 kids at home, I was looking forward to go back to work. My parents were still around and I have 2 helpers around since the previous one is getting ready to leave, while the new one has arrived for a job handover (haha!). So it was quite a smooth transition for me.

I managed to also keep my running training in tact and change my schedule to run in the morning before I go to work. It was also perfect timing that we – Thalia, Ninit & myself – decided to launch The Urban Fit this month too. By the end of the month, Naia and I also took part in a Kids Run Singapore race. First running medal for Naia, yay!

A week after that, Thalia & I took part in Sundown Race for 10K distance. My first race since I gave birth to Neishia.

JUNE 2012
My helper for the past 4 years has officially ended her service with us. She has been helping me since Naia was 3 months old. We said goodbye to her and life goes on.

JULY 2012
Multitasking becomes my middle name. Between taking care of house and work, I had to juggle and deliver my best. Tough times, but it helps me to become a better manager, at home and at work. By mid July, I took another part in another running race, Shape Run for 10K distance. I had so much fun and recorded a better timing. I have become a stronger runner, still very slow, but almost got back to my previous state before I become pregnant.

Neishia turned 6 months this month and started her solid food. She just loooves to eat!

Ramadhan has come. I decided in the beginning of Ramadhan that I will take a break from my running training, but I ended up running at least once for week cuz my body was asking for a workout, yet I was able to complete the fasting month in full, on top of still breastfeeding and working out. I feel great!

We went home by end of the month, to celebrate the Eid at home with our family and spent a week there.

The fasting, breastfeeding and running has finally shown its result on my body. I lost 5kg during fasting month, tho my breastmilk production was still great and I felt stronger. I finally reached the weight before I was pregnant.. the first time! Yay!

I have also increased the intensity of my training because I wanted to take part in another race. In fact, I decided to sign up for 3 races until December. And it’s all about training every weekend. Though I still decided to hold off on taking the plunge and go for a Half Marathon race. I’m waiting until Neishia is weaned, or at least not too fully dependent on breastmilk.

As usual, October means Halloween and we celebrated at Chip Bee Garden as many previous years before. The day after, I took part in my biggest challenge this year – Adidas King of the Road for 16.8 kilometer distance.

Another race to tackle – Great Eastern Women’s Run 10K. Too bad I didn’t feel very good on the race day and ended up with my worst 10K timing. Oh well, it was just one of those days. But I got great picture from the race, my first running shot ever!

Thalia and I also started a group with other urban Mama runners in SG and we went to our first run together at East Coast Park then the Brooks Party Run for 9K. It was awesome!

We also went to Naia’s year end performance with her classmates, where she performed a dance.

The month began with the pinnacle race that most Singaporean runners are waiting for – Standard Chartered Marathon 2012. Yet, I took part in the 10K race. I was waiting to take part for the Half Marathon since 2010, yet still cannot do it yet. Ninit & Chika came to join the race, while Ipeh & Udhien also came to Singapore for The Urban Mama annual meeting that we decided to do during that same weekend the race was held.

A week after, we went for a week of vacation to Lombok. Actually we wanted to visit hubby’s sister’s family who live there and we came to celebrate Dayana (Naia’s cousin) who turned 3 years old. My parents in law also came and we spent a week going around in Lombok with our family, including visiting the beautiful Gili island.

Great family time to end the year with!

So what to expect in 2013?

Well, as I said, I don’t really put up a resolution. I just want to live it day by day and always make the full out of it with my family. The new year comes as a reflection for me, as it also literally means that I’m getting a year older and 2013 means that I’m going to be in my mid-thirties.

My resolution is simple –
On a personal level, I want to continue to be a better mom, wife and runner. On the latter note, I’m aiming to cross one item in my bucket list – to run a Half Marathon. I have signed up to do my first one in April 2013, on an NTUC Run 350.

On a professional level, I’m aiming for another promotion for at least by next year. And therefore, I need to put in my effort and interest to make it happen. As for The Urban Mama, there are a lot of opportunities to grow and I will definitely will grow the business team with at least one more person.

On family, err.. no, no more kids, thank you! Two kids are enough, seriously! We’re planning on a long vacation in the mid of the year, a tradition that we keep to celebrate the kids’ birthday (Neishia’s coming to one-year old soon! Time flies!).

It has been one great 2012 for me personally. It has been a year of transformation, healthy and fit year for me! I just want to continue to do that next year, and maybe keep spreading the fit virus to more people and my own family. My biggest challenge is spreading it to my own hubby, but I have yet to make it my goal yet. It seems impossible task to accomplish, for now.

Happy New Year! May the new year brings more happiness, love and health to everyone.

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  1. ninit says:

    happy new year shin! πŸ™‚
    great to read what happened in 2012.

    wish you all the best in 2013.

  2. Bonnita says:

    happy new year mba shinta! baru notice kalo ultah neishia sama dengan ultah anakku, cuman beda taun, anakku 2011 πŸ™‚

  3. sLesTa says:

    @ninit: thanks, niiitt! *muach*

    @bonnita: wah samaan ya? bentar lagiii πŸ™‚

  4. Nadia says:

    Hi Shin… what a great 2012 you had! Thanks for your openness in sharing it with us. Your stories on the running & the juggling with work & fam are very inspiring.
    Wishing you an even more joyful 2013! πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Mba Shinta, so inspiration πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  6. sLesTa says:

    nadia & yenny: thank you!

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