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This is my last race in 2012.

After my first race running in this most-awaited running event in Singapore, it took me 3 years until I finally join again. I wanted to run the Half Marathon in 2011 as part of my resolution, after skipping it in 2010 (due to late enrollment). But since I was pregnant last year, the resolution is still in my bucket list.

This year I took yet another 10K race. As much as I’m eager to start running the Half Marathon, I wanted to wait until I have fully weaned Neishia.

Just like my first race in Stanchart Marathon, I was surrounded with many friends. If my first race was with a bunch of friends from work, this time it’s with other running mama and my running support group. Even Ninit & Chika came purposely from Jakarta to be in this race. Yay!

It was a great race to end the list of races I have run this year. I was relaxed and just wanted to do my best. The last race I ran had a different route, so even though the race is pretty much in the same area with my other races this year, it was fun that it was different from the last StanChart race I had.

The weather was perfect! Not too hot and in fact, it was a bit cloudy. I picked up Yana at our usual place, Ario dropped us off at Paya Lebar MRT where we met with Woro & Chacha. Then we took the train to City Hall to meet up with Ninit & Chika. Ninit & Chika stayed over at Thalia’s who was running the half marathon with Adhit.

After we met up with some other friends, we started to walk to the starting pen.

Met up with Mr. Fauja Singh, the legendary 101 years old runner who will also take part in the 10K race.

By 7.15AM the 10K run started. Since we were at the back, we ended up on the second wave of runners. I started off with an easy pace. I just wanted to enjoy the run and finish it strong. So I hold myself to run with easy pace for the first 5K and run hard at the last 5K. Well, that was my strategy.

I kept my pace steady in the first 5K, and I wanted to end the race with negative splits. So I kept the pace at around 6’40” for the first 5K. As soon as I hit 5K, I started to up my pace and hit 6’36” when I passed the 6.5km. I felt good, I didn’t even stop for water. I had my handheld bottle with me and I felt that it’s enough to hydrate me. I felt a bit tired by 7km already, but I still kept at it.

As soon as we were reaching the last kilometer, wheren all the runners came together in the same track, I ran as hard as I can so I can finish it strong. I finished at 1 hour 6 minutes with average pace of 6’39”.

Not my best 10K time, but it’s my best on race. So I’m happy.

As soon as reached the finish line, I was looking for hubby and Naia. Neishia also came along and was crying when she saw me. Since my t-shirt was soaking wet, I had to change with the official singlet so I can carry Neishia and feed her breakfast. After that I prepped Naia to go to the Kids Dash line, as she was going to run for 750m. She was still feeling unwell, and a bit down that she had to run with her dad and already tired from the long walk to the starting pen. She wasn’t really enjoying the run, but nonetheless happy to receive her second medal of the year. Way to go, Naia!

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  1. zata says:

    tips latihannya gimana Slesta? lari tiap hari gitu? temenku ada yg lat sampe shari jogging 2x plus sepeda statis di apt-nya. pengen kalo latiannya hrs sesering itu kayanya ngga bisa πŸ™

  2. sLesTa says:

    @zata: gue hanya lari 3x seminggu. 2x on weekdays biasanya short-mid run, dan sekali on weekend for a long run. justru diusahakan untuk ga lari tiap hari, let the muscle and body to rest. justru overtrain gak bagus.. bakal bikin cepet cidera. so far, my schedule works fine.. karena gue build endurance and strength.. pelan2 aja karena it doesn’t happen overnight.

  3. mel says:

    congrats slesta πŸ™‚

    foto no 5 dan 6 keren sekali hihi

    slesta, kalau ada info race di singapore, boleh kasih info ga? pingin ikut he he, and maunya dapet early bird.

  4. lativa says:

    Entah kenapa merasa tersentuh ngeliat foto nyuapin anak,others can wait but motherhood canβ€˜t ^_^
    Good luck with your races next year,semoga sy bs mulai ikutan juga,skrg br bs lari non stop 5 km dan lg nyoba nambah dikit2

  5. sLesTa says:

    @mel: thanks! itu foto yang difotoin ama official photographer racenya. jadi no wonder yah keren heheh..

    @lativa: heheh makasih.. abisan nangis2 liat mama, jadilah mamanya masih keringetan mesti nyuapin dulu. yuuukk, makin rajin yah larinya.. next year pasti di jakarta bakal banyak race lagi. ikutan aja.. bagus buat motivasi untuk terus latihan.

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