2XU Compression Run 2013

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Last day of March, a week before my first Half Marathon race, I took part in 2XU Compression Run Singapore. Only for 10K distance because this will fit into my training plan towards my HM race.

The flag off starts at 6.45am which means it’s still dark. I picked up Leo and Yana before we went to the meeting point at Millenia Walk and met up with Mama Runners.

I was undecided if I should go for an easy 10K or push for my PB. I decided last minute that I’ll go for easy as I was having light cramp right before the race started. Within the first km, already felt uneasy for the hot and humid weather (and the sun wasn’t even up yet!). My GPS was having a meltdown I think, as I was only running for 2 minutes and already announced that I have run 0.5km with 4’28” pace. There’s no way that I was that fast! And that kinda ruins my track to know what pace I was the whole time, resulting me running a bit too fast too early.

By 8km, I felt tired already. I know I shouldn’t run that fast too early. The sun was already up and the weather was soo hot, I started putting on my glasses. It was kinda a mental fight at the last 2km, whether I should stop and walk or push for the finish line. Seriously!

So yes, I didn’t finish with a PB. In fact I was 2 minutes behind my last race. But it was okay.. had fun with Mama Runners group which some of them were having a first-time experience in a race. Always fun to meet up and run with them!

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  1. ninit says:

    congrats shin… pretty, fit, and happy. foto race-nya banyak dan bagus! 🙂

  2. sLesTa says:

    thanks, ninit!

  3. Mama Obito says:

    Wow! I need to do a lot of training to be able to join this kind of event! Very inspiring. Thumbs up.

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