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Home, Singapore | March 23, 2013

Saturday is a movie nite at our house. It started when Naia decided that she wanted to sleep in our big bed, while watching a movie “Annie” on cable until she falls asleep. So I told her that she can stay up while watching a movie in our king-sized bed, on Saturday only! The rest of the nights, she will sleep alone in a foldable bed in the corner of our bedroom. We actually wanted her to start sleeping by herself in her room, and we have tried that in many different occassion but Naia seemed to be a bit scared to sleep by herself in her room.

One Saturday night, we prepped for our movie nite, had our gourmet popcorn in the microwave and chatting and playing on the bed with the girls before decided which movie to watch. That night she decided to watch Lord of the Rings: The fellowship of the ring. Of course we only allow her to watch the first 30 minutes, where it’s showing the hobbits in the hobbitton. As soon as the timer turned off the TV, she and Neishia fell asleep nicely and left mama and papa to enjoy the rest of the night, with the sleeping kids in between.

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