Naia’s 5th Birthday

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OMG!! I haven’t been posting anything on my blog for the whole quarter of 2013!! It has been quite a hectic life for me this year that not only I managed to abandon my blog, I actually owe sooo many stories from last year’s vacation to Lombok. My goodness!

Okay, first thing first. Since it will take me awhile to keep up, let’s start to update with the most recent event – Naia’s birthday.

On 1st of April, Naia celebrated her 5th birthday! Time does fly by so fast, I feel that it was only yesterday that I felt the excitement of delivering my first baby to the world. Being totally clueless as a new mom. It’s like within a blink of an eye, there goes my daughter, graduating from a toddler world and I am celebrating the 5th anniversary of being a mom.

10 years ago, I probably wouldn’t even acknowledged that someday I will be a mother of two and revolves my life around two beautiful girls. It has been 5 years that I have been adapting to my new role and I am truly enjoying it, hence it does feel like a blink of an eye.

For Naia’s birthday this year, we didn’t plan to make any party. We do plan to go for a trip later this month, just like we do every year.. an annual trip for birthday celebration, now it’s for the two girls since Neishia also celebrated her first birthday on January.

However, two weeks prior to her birthday, Naia – who knows that we’ll be taking a trip to Disneyland for her birthday – pleaded that she wants to have her birthday at school and not in Disneyland. Awww.. apparently, she wants to cut and blow the candle in front of her schoolmates since we didn’t do that last year. So I decided to order a cake for her – which she specifically requested that she wanted an Ariel the Mermaid cake – bought some goodies and bags for the goodie bags for Naia’s schoolmates and teachers. I let her choose what goodies she wants for her friends for the goodie bags. Then I also let her fill up the bags with all the goodies. She separated the goodies for boys and girls (by color), learn how to count and share while doing it.

In the past, when Naia was still attending the childcare on half-day, we usually held the birthday celebration after lunch time, before the kids took their nap. This time, the teacher requested that we do this after nap time, when the kids would be allowed for their tea-breaks. So we only came to school with all the goodies at around 3.30PM.

The kids were waiting for us already and we started arranging the cake, the goodie bags and the candles. Neishia was so happy to be among the big kids and next to her big sister.

It was a short, simple birthday celebration. Just singing happy birthday, blowing the candles, cut the cake and share the cake and goodies with her friends. And she was more than happy already. The point is that she learns how to share with her friends throughout the ordeal. We didn’t even smother her with gifts. We only got her a real watch from Swatch a day before, so she can learn how to tell time.

Afterwards, we went to Marina Bay Sands, where the girls were playing and running around. They were having a good time chasing each other, then we had a snack nearby. More chasing around, chasing the birds, and just spent the rest of the afternoon at the boardwalk. By dinner time, as we were about to go home, Naia requested to have chicken rice for her birthday dinner. So we went to Nanyang food court to have chicken rice.

It seems like a lame birthday, isn’t it? Five years old and all she got was a chicken rice. But for us, we want her to know that it’s not about the material things she got for her birthday, it’s what she experienced to make that day a special day and memorable for her. Spending time with her family, share with her friends, surrounded with love from all of us. The memories that would be with her as she grows older.

Happy Birthday, my no-longer-a-baby girl! You will always be my little girl. Please grow up to be a kind-hearted, independent, healthy, smart and beautiful girl who always respect others, love thy family and God. Amen.

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