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Actually, I posted this picture awhile back in my Instagram page. One day I saw a picture of my friend who just gave birth to her son in five months earlier. She showed a comparison picture of her, a month vs 5 months after she gave birth. She looked awesome!

Then, I wondered, how different do I look from last year, after I gave birth to Neishia? So I looked for different pictures and found this! Whoa!

I know that over a year, my body measurements have dropped significantly. Clothes that I used to wear even before I gave birth to my eldest one, now felt a little loose on me. I can feel that my arms are smaller, my tummy is much flatter, and thighs thinner. But if you ask me how much do I weigh.. well, the answer is that it’s not that much different from before my second pregnancy.

You see, I have been more active this time around, after I gave birth to my second daughter. It’s reflected in my body and my overall stamina. I won’t lie that I expect my weight to reduce by doing the workouts, but it’s not my main purpose to be active. It’s a bonus!

Yes, I have clocked in more than 1,000km or runs since last year. The Half Marathon training helps me to reduce my measurements faster, my endurance level was much better and I’m stronger. Why run, you ask? I say this over and over again, for a mom of two young kids like me, it’s the only thing that I can do on a daily basis. I can only have 1 day in a week for longer period that I can use to workout and I use that for long-runs, in preparation for my long-distance race.

Right now, in between my hectic work schedule and kids, I train smarter. Crosstrained with other activities like swimming, interval runs, tabata workouts, yoga, pilates, among other things. I still love running and I am also training for another Half Marathon at the end of June.

No exact workout is correct, what you need to do is to combine different workouts so you activate all the muscles in your body. A total-body workout! There’s no right or wrong whether you only runs, runs on treadmill, outdoor, cycling, swimming, weight-lifting, as long as it fits your body, your lifestyle and your schedule, why not?

Be active! Eat healthy! Live smart .. Go out there and enjoy the sun! (but don’t forget to apply sunblocks, please!)

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  1. Ibunya Aria says:

    Cakep sekaliiiiii fotonya. Hebat!

  2. sLesTa says:

    ihiks.. makasih ibu-nya Aria hehe..

  3. Fairy says:

    Shinta babe, you look absolutely fantastic, the transformation was phenomenal! Keep up the great work, gal. 🙂 See you in KL!

  4. mamanya_vania says:

    before afternya gak kebalik?hahahhaha, just kidding…sumpah kyk msi gadis deh sis…salutt deh. jdi pengen meniru juga, masa aq yg anak 1 malah lbh gede dr yg anaknya dua?

  5. sLesTa says:

    mamanya_vania hayoo semangat! olahraga demi sehat, jadi kurus itu bonus.

  6. Jessti says:

    i’m wondering how much you loss your weight, even touhh it’s not your goal, i know.. but still, penasaran.. the changes is dramatic, singset mba shiin.. 🙂

  7. sLesTa says:

    Jessti: sebenernya sih kalo diitung2, turun berat dari foto kiri ke foto kanan itu ga banyak kok, gak sampe 10kg. tapi size baju yang jauh turunnya. dari yang pake M/L, jadi pake XS/S. dan makin kesini juga berat gue segitu2 aja.. hopefully sih karena lemaknya sekarang jadi otot hehhe..

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