Europe Trip #1 – Running in Paris

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It’s been 2 months since we came back from our trip to Europe. So much to be told and shared, but let’s take it slowly, shall we? I hardly have time to do anything else but being a mom when I’m at home, so yeah.. updating this blog becomes the last thing I have to do when I have my free time.

So okay, let’s start with one moment at a time. First up – running in Paris.

We took a midnight flight on Friday (singapore time), boarded the A380 plan directly from Changi to Charles de Gaulle airport. The total flight was about 13 hours and we arrived in CDG at around 7.30am. So my plan was that if everyone is asleep the whole flight, we would wake up fresh when we arrived and would beat the jetlag right away. The fact is, Neishia did fall asleep right away, Naia refused to sleep until around 2AM (Singapore time) cuz she was excited to be able to watch a movie from her seat and play some games. After the light was out, we all tried to catch some sleep.

When we arrived in Paris, it was already lunch time in Singapore, but still an early morning in Paris. So we looked for some food while finding out the best way to go to the hotel. Hubby was looking for information on the bus/shuttle. It stops near our serviced apartment, but it’s still quite a long way if we need to carry all the luggages, even though we only have 2 small-sized luggages, one backpack and a stroller. The temperature was quite cold, and after a long flight, it’d be quiet a challenge. so, we decided to take a cab instead, expecting that we need to spend at least EUR50. Turns out, it was much less than that, yay!

We spent that first day to catch some rest. Unfortunately, the kids already had their sleep while in a cab on the way to the hotel, so they were already recharged and energized as we reached the apartment. In the meantime, I was pretty much exhausted and super sleepy since I was probably only slept not more than 2 hours in the plane. so after I unpacked some of the stuffs that we’ll need for the next 3 days, I was pretty much out on the bed. Hubby helped to look after the kids, then he left to get some snacks and SIM card, and the kids were playing while I was kinda dozed off.

As soon as hubby is back, I felt a bit refreshed and bathed the kids and off we went to get some lunch (which was already dinner time in SG). Strolled around Grand Boulevards, had a pasta & pizza lunch (at 4PM – most cafes don’t serve food anymore), enjoying the fresh cold weather, and it was so freakin’ cold for late April, at the time that should already be spring.
We basically just walked around in the area nearby our apartment, window shopping, bought some pasta boxes for tomorrow’s breakfast, had some nutella crepe from the street vendors, took pictures. But as I was so tired and sleepy, we went back around 7PM local time, which was already past midnight in SG. I tried to get the kids back to sleep so we can wake up on regular hours the next morning.

The truth is, we ended up waking up at 4AM! Hello, jetlag!

I was ready to beat it by having my first run in Paris. But since the weather is so cold (around 2C), I waited until the sun comes up a bit. I don’t want to run by myself while it’s still dark outside anyway. so we just had breakfast and played with the kids.

By 6AM, the sun comes up shyly and I went out to have my run. It was sooo cold (around 8C), I was running so fast, cuz if I slowed down or stopped, I’d be frozen. It’s early Sunday morning, so as I passed some of the cafes, bars or clubs, I saw people who were just too drunk to walk, or still having fun from the night out. The streets were practically empty, so I needed to be extra alert. Saw a few homeless still curled up freezing in the corner of the streets, even saw a family with a toddler who were sleeping in some corner, inside their sleeping bags. After 3km of running, I stopped to take some pictures.. in a hurry of course, cuz it’s soo freakin’ cold!

I ran in grands boulevards and back and continued to the Opera House. Just as I reached the Opera house, the phone decided to die on me, but I was already reaching about 5K, so I decided to go back.

It was fun and nice to run in Paris.. but I think I ran a bit too early. That day we went around some landmarks in Paris through Hop On and Hop Off buss and saw many runners in the park and along Seine River. I promised that I would go for another one before we left Paris. Unfortunately, this was the only run I had during our 10 days Europe Trip.

We ended up walking all over the place while we were in Europe, all day that my feet and body were too exhausted to wake up in the morning and went for a run. I even turned on my Endomondo during the day at one time or another and found out that I did walk at least about 10K while I was there. I think that’s enough workout for my feet.

Too bad though, cuz seeing so many runners in the cities that we visited, I’m sure it’d be fun. But yeah, I can only do that in the morning before everyone is awake, and alone. So it’s kinda not fun, eventhough I did quite an extensive of research before I left, so I can prepare myself to run by myself in every city I visited.

Oh well, next time, I guess? 😛

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  1. Loly says:

    Dear mba Shinta.. ditunggu cerita euro trip nya lagi yaaa… Aku berencana mau euro trip di bln September nanti tp suami masih ragu2 utk ajak anakku umur 21 bulan by then krn takut rewel di pesawat. Thanks yaa

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