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Just like the previous year, Naia and I took part in another Kids Run Singapore this year, only a week after we came back from Europe. Naia was so excited to be part of another yet running event, especially this year, she’ll be running in the same category with her BFF, Aina – Thalia‘s daughter. And not just Aina, Keira and Rani, Dillan and Dea, as well as Amabelle and Suci also took part of the event this year. Aidan, also took part, but since he’s much older, he went on the race by himself in a whole different category.

Early in the morning, we got ready and left the house. Neishia also tagged along. I was thinking of joining her in the stroller category, but well.. it’d be too much trouble. So, let this year be Naia’s year. Neishia can join on her own once she’s old enough.

Met up with other mama runners, took picture then off we went to the kids holding area, before we were ushered to the starting pen. The kids only ran for 800m actually, and as usual, it’s chaotic! Not because the run is chaotic, but it’s chaotic fun cuz while the kids are trying to run, the parents are busy taking pictures of them.. yep, chaotic! LOL

At one point, hubby handed over Neishia to me so he can run and take pictures of Naia.. which means I have to run with Neishia on my arms.

Shortly before Naia reached the finished line, she looked back and somehow tripped and fell. It wasn’t hard, but of course she felt the pain. I encourage her to keep on running to the finish line, and she did.

Good job, girls!

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