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From Naia was younger, she’s always fascinated and curious about my workplace. She gets excited every time I told her that she can visit me at the office, and always ask if she can stay longer. At one time, when I had to work on a weekend, I took her with me and let her do some crafts on the desk next to me while I finish my work. Surprisingly, she was quietly do her work and happy to see “mama’s friends” even though she didn’t really interact much.

So in late May, her daycare was closed before a Vesak holiday. Usually, I would take a day off from work so I can be at home with her, since I tried as much as I can, not to leave the 2 girls just with my maid. That day, I decided that maybe I don’t need to take a day off. Instead, I’ll leave Naia at home in the morning and picked her up for lunch then she can come with me to work.

She was so excited that she would come and visit Mama’s office that she was counting on the day. As I left in the morning on D day, I told her that I want her to behave nicely at home, have her breakfast, take a shower and also have her lunch. I will come and pick her up once she finishes her lunch. And I did.

Since I haven’t had my lunch when I picked her up, I took her to the nearest lunch place I usually go. Bought a waffle with chocolate afterwards for her snack later, then off we went back to my office. I gave her a bunch of papers, scissors, pencils, color pencils, and other crafts that she needed.. and off she went, busy drawing, coloring and making crafts. She was busy doing her own things that she literally let me focus on my own work. My friends came by and said hi to her, most of them surprised to have her so quiet doing her work and very well-behaved. I felt that the arrangement was better for both of us, cuz I can really do my work and she can have her activities that she likes, but I rarely let her do at home (unless myself or hubby sit next to her, since it’s involved with scissors).

After a while, I asked her if she wants to have some drinks or food. So I took her to the vending machine and let her choose her drinks & snacks. Of course, I let her dropped the coins and choose the items herself, after I gave her only an exact amount of change for 1 drink and 1 snack. This will help her to also learn to count and make a decision which item she wants that she would spend her money on.

She chose oreo cookie and a Milo.

After that, I took her to the garden at the rooftop, so she can have her snacks and drinks while watching the airplane flies by. My office building is very near to the airport so that we would see the airplanes pass by quite often. Since it’s outdoor, it’s quite hot after awhile. So we decided to go back to the office where she continues finishing her craft and I finished my work.

By 5.30PM, I decided that it’s time to go home and start our long weekend. It was indeed a great experience for the both of us! And to make sure I remember, Naia pinned her work on my cubicle too 🙂 There are a bunch of them, and this is the one that I managed to take a picture of.

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  1. lussy says:

    Anakku juga sangat senang diajak beberapa kali ke kantor.
    Mungkin dia penasaran dengan apa yang dilakukan ibunya sampai
    seharian tidak ada di rumah ;D. Sampai sekarang dia masih hafal
    nama teman-teman kantor dan masih suka nagih minta diajak ke kantor

  2. Rina says:

    senang– terharu dan menginspirasi membaca artikel ini — saya belum pernah merasakan secara nyata,, karena saya bekerja di rumah — tiap hari bersama anak-anak –kadang2 pengin juga merasakan sensasi membawa anak ke tempat kerja tapi kemana…he..he..? — kantor dirumah menjadikan kerja dan main sama anak2 sbagai bagian tak terpisahkan…setiap waktu

  3. diah says:

    kedua ortuku juga pekerja dan gak hanya mama yang suka membawa aku ke kantor, papa juga dulu suka ajak aku ke kantor..aaah feeling nostalgic 🙂

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