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It was early morning on March 27, 2014 that I woke up and checked my emails on my Iphone to see this email appeared. I jumped out from my bed in disbelief! I got a spot in this year’s New York City Marathon that will be held on November 2, 2014!! Whoaa..

I ran outside and grabbed my laptop to find if this is really happening. Checked the date, checked my credit card if it has been charged for the marathon fees and so on. Different from other major international racse, to enter the NYC Marathon lottery, we need to pay an admin fee of USD11. Then they required us to ensure that the credit card we have on file is valid because as soon as our name is picked as the winner of the lottery, they will charge the registration fee right away so we can keep the spot. Once they sent an email, it means I AM IN!!

I was a bit happy and confuse at the same time. Happy because if I will run the marathon, it means it’s an epic return, as I left the city exactly 10 years ago when the race happens. Confuse because, I can’t imagine the sacrifice I have to do to start another marathon training to be prepared for that. You see, I never imagined that I would run a full marathon. So when I did, I thought that I would go through this again, only once a year or maybe every other year. The race itself is gruesome but when I crossed the finish line, it’s a feeling of relief. Unbeatable feeling! Yes, I want to go through that again, but the thought of the intense training I have to go through, I’m not exactly a fan. In between my work and family, to be able to keep the training plan is A LOT OF WORK!!

So I was a bit confuse. The NYC Marathon actually lets us cancel this year’s spot and use it for next year’s only, but we have to pay for both registration fees. I was kind of thinking that maybe I should choose for next year, since I already did a marathon this year. But, my daughter will be in primary by next year, and leaving her on school day would be tough.

After a bit of thinking and discussion with hubby, I decided that I should go for it this year! So, let’s see how I’m going to keep up with my training.. Right now, I’m enjoying my time off as I only plan to start the training after Eid at the end of July.

Wish me Luck!!

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  1. Fairy says:

    Good luck Shinta!!

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