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sLesTa [dot] com is a personal website owned by s(hinta) lesta(ri), or widely known virtually as sLesTa. she has been around in the virtual world since 1999 before she started in the world of blogging in 2001 while still living in new york city, USA. she felt that blogging helps her to communicate with her friends and maybe even family who lives far away from her at the time. it’s also a place for her to write her thoughts, rants, reviews and photo journal for her photography and travels. writing has always been her passion, but never taken its path professionally.

since this website is started, she has moved to three different cities in three different countries, got married, had two daughters, and everything else in between. currently, sLesTa resides with her little family – hubby ario and daughters naia & neishia – in singapore. a professional in one of the world’s largest financial institution, she juggles being a corporate slave, a wife and a mom. for her, she is a worker by choice but she’ll always be a mom and a wife, by nature.

in between the spare time she has left, she continues to keep her passion to travel with her little family and updating this blog whenever she can. in late 2009, she co-founded a parenting site called The Urban Mama with two other cool moms in singapore. you can find her parenting-related posts there.



sLesTa [dot] com was purchased in april 2003, after i spent 2 years blogging via blogger. it evolved from its original purpose of communicating with friends and families to a complete page that evolves around sLesTa’s thoughts, writings, interests and hobbies, including movies, books and photography. i started to use the nick name sLesTa since 1997 when i was given an email address from her school as a transferred student. the format of the email was the letter of the first name followed by the last name. unfortunately, being a transferred student, they have to put the graduation year after the last name. for some unknown reason — maybe because the combination would create such a long name — they cut it off and became slesta99. and so from then on, i started using this email and after graduated from the school, i use the name slesta everywhere in the virtual world.

though many have already known my real name, i remain to post in this blog anonymously until until i became a co-founder in The Urban Mama to differentiate myself from previous identity in the virtual world.

you may see me updating my status regularly in twitter, i try as much as i can to update this site too.



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a worker by choice, a mother and a wife by nature / owner of slesta.com / co-founder of the urban mama / the urban muslimah | email: slesta[at]slesta[dot]com

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