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IBA Award

IBA Award

No Comments 16 March 2004

a lovely suprise in the middle of my “i-hate-monday” syndrome. didn’t expect it at all. in fact, i don’t even remember that this award still exists. i’ve taken the participation banner off a while ago from this site thinking that they might have discontinue this award since the winner was never announced way after the […]

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Reputation: Bad vs Good

No Comments 25 February 2004

have you ever walked on the street and someone comes up to you and ask you if you are the person of such and such that he or she knows from somewhere? okay, maybe not to that point as in being approached on the street *unless you are a famous somebody*, how about just within […]

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The Return of SLESTA.COM

No Comments 06 August 2003

akhirnyaaa… slesta.com balik lagiiihh.. aduh, maaf banget kalo akhir&#178 ini slesta.com bener&#178 sering kena masalah. dari yang pindahan, trus site nya yang kadang&#178 nyala kadang&#178 enggak, sampe akhirnya seminggu lebih sehari… mati total. honestly, i don’t want to spend so much time talking about what happened, but in this case, i might have to. heck, […]

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The Danger of Virtual Friends

No Comments 26 July 2003

sejak gue mulai ngeblog, gue jadi punya banyak ‘virtual’ friends. seneng sih.. seru ajah kenalan ama orang&#178 yang belom tentu gue bisa ketemu karena jarak dan waktu yang jauh. some of them malah akhirnya jadi ketemu muka dan so far seru&#178 ajah. i would never imagine it would happen to me. soalnya dari dulu walopun […]

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Writer’s Block.. or Just Bored?

No Comments 23 July 2003

as you may see, akhir&#178 ini gue lagi jarang posting. paling cuman seminggu sekali gue update blog gue. padahal i remember the times when i used to post 3-4 times a week. kayaknya ide buat nulis tuh gak ada abis&#178nya.. and i was still busy as hell.. karena waktu itu gue masih kuliah. justru sekarang […]

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The New Face of SLESTA.COM

No Comments 10 June 2003

>here it is folks.. the new face of sLesTa.com not that much different, isn’t it? well, except for the color. it’s the summer color.. 🙂 also now i include frames in here.. i’m new at this, so you may find some flaws.. forgive me for that.. but please do let me know so i can […]

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